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6 Reasons Disney’s Star Wars Is Now Seen As A Flawed Franchise

Some fans claim Disney’s Star Wars films were the worst thing to happen to the coveted franchise. Here’s why we believe those Disney’s Star wars movie haters are true.


That Signature Disney Humor No One Finds Funny Anymore

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Poe Dameron

The success of Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has emboldened the Mouse House. We now find that signature Disney humor in almost all other Disney-owned productions. Star Wars is no different. Being one of the most coveted franchises in the planet, Disney would want it to succeed at any cost. And they are doing so by injecting that Marvel-like humor that no longer fits the galaxy far, far away. Some pretty good examples were Poe’s conversation with General Hux and Luke tossing back his old lightsaber to Rey. They fumbled both those scenes by using crass humor.

Spin-Offs That Make No Sense

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The only exception to this rule is Rogue One, which is arguably the best Star Wars movie after Episode V. A lot other spin-offs like Solo: A Star Wars Story ended up duds. That is because Disney is pushing Star Wars too much with projects that have nothing to do with the Star Wars saga anymore. The Mouse House has turned an iconic movie franchise into a cash cow. With more and more pointless Disney directed spin-offs coming our way, Star Wars is no longer the Star Wars we used to love and adore.

Disney’s Star Wars Is Too Politically Woke

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Rey Skywalker

Movies are a reflection of society and they should obviously allow for injection of political views. But Disney’s Star Wars takes it up a notch. Take for example – Rey. Fans have been complaining how easily she learns everything from mastering the Force to piloting the Millennium Falcon. She is perfect in every form and that is the exact opposite of how Star Wars protagonists go through their learning curves. Disney’s Star Wars takes too many creative liberties in the name of political correctness. In sufficient amounts, it works wonders and evokes food for thought. In large quantities, it looks super cringe.

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Introducing New Characters That Are Pointless & Have No Vital Role

dj 2

There are several characters that were introduced in the new Sequel trilogy. Rey, Finn, and Poe are all important to the Star Wars saga in their own way. But Disney’s Star Wars has also introduced quite a number of unimportant characters. Captain Phasma only appeared for a few seconds. General Snoke was created to only be killed in The Last Jedi. Let us not even begin on how they debuted and wasted General Hux. DJ is another character from The Last Jedi whose scenes could have been edited out completely from the movie and it would still have made no difference.

Bad Side Plots For The Sake of Having Side Plots

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The Side Plot They Never Re-Visited

The Star Wars movies do not exactly have award winning story pacing. But at least George Lucas knew what he was doing. Compared to Disney’s Star wars movies, Lucas seems like the Steven Spielberg of the galaxy far, far away. Disney’s Star Wars suffers through terrible story pacing. the side plots are so incoherent at times that just end up blocking the flow of the main plot altogether. Case in point that casino scene in The Last Jedi and Han Solo fighting the tentacled monster. They had nothing to offer in terms of story advancement. Those scenes just happened to be there.

Not Being Clear About What The Force Means

The Scene That Changed It All

We never knew the Force could be used for facetiming your pals a million lightyears away. Luke doing astral projection with the Force in The Last Jedi at least seems believable. But the way they  spontaneously turned Leia into a Force user who could fly around in the vacuum of space like Superman was not something we thought we needed to un-see. These abilities are canon in the Star Wars novels, books and comics. But Disney’s Star Wars movie just drop them on us like a bomb out of nowhere and expect us to keep quiet.


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