6 Reasons Planet Hulk Is The Most Awesome Hulk Story That MCU Ruined

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Penned by Greg Pak and illustrated by Carlo Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti, “Planet Hulk” is a real Epic in the conventional sense. Hulk became a Gladiator in the Emperor’s Arena when stuck on the planet Sakaar, ultimately relieving his co-warriors. Here are the ‘6 Reasons Why Planet Hulk Is The Most Awesome Hulk Story‘.


Hulk is Witty

Planet Hulk: Hulk Slash
Hulk Slash

The Green Scar Hulk speaks in pretty typical English and thinks on a greater level than most of his previous rage-blinded incarnations. Sakaar allows Hulk to be his true self since the Hulk is exactly what the planet requires — his violent, righteous base can emerge in ways it could never on Earth, even, it turns out, through his humor. Whether it’s using “Hulk slash” to follow up a sword attack or cracking a sandwich pun in the middle of a fight. The Hulk has proven to be wittier than mankind has ever known.

Hulk’s Got Kids

Skaar - Planet Hulk

Even though Hulk’s son isn’t born in “Planet Hulk,” he does serve as a reminder of how different Hulk’s existence on Sakaar is from his life earlier. His son, Skar is enough to convince Hulk that he’s eventually discovered a family and a home, even if it’s just a bump in his mother’s stomach. This only adds to the pain of their inevitable loss for him.


Hulk is a Rebel

Planet Hulk - Hulk is a Rebel
Hulk: A Rebel

Pak and his comrades toss Hulk into combat after combat, each one more bizarre than the last. The problems faced by the Green Scar demand not only the Hulk’s strength but also his resourcefulness, from the assault that leads to his imprisonment to his last world-changing struggle. Hulk doesn’t take the bait when Caiera attempts to entice his budding rebellion out, instead, he implements the same deceptive method on her. When confronted by the Spikes’ living swarm of biological weapons, he cracks the planet’s crust open, unveiling lava that he then surfs into combat.

Hulk Heals Too

Hulk heals
Hulk Heals

He is famous for his ability to demolish things, therefore it’s even more startling when he begins to heal them on “Planet Hulk.” His gamma-irradiated blood causes Sakaar’s barren surface to grow plants for the first time in years, which is modest and accidental at first. However, as the scope of his war expands, healing becomes an integral aspect of Hulk’s purpose.

Hulk: The Happiest One

The happiest
Hulk: The Happiest

The attributes that made the Hulk an outcast on Earth help him achieve acceptance on Sakaar at each stage of his battle. Hulk doesn’t have to choose between beast and savior when it comes to fighting for revolution, instead, he channelize his rage into what may be the only sort of chivalry that will work on this new planet. He embraces the opportunity to finally let go in a scary new environment, even seeking pleasure in the challenge of his diminished strength. That was all it took to ease him down.


Hulk: The Hero

The Hero
The Hero

We’ve always assumed that Bruce Banner is the hero, fighting to keep the Hulk under control so that he only does good. On Earth, this might be true, but “Planet Hulk” offers something unique: it portrays Hulk as an outcast who rises to be recognized, not as a monster to be tamed — or even an unwilling ally — but as a genuine, unequivocal hero. It’s not just that he gets to play the role of selfless hero; it’s also the discovery of how he’s always been one.


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