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6 Times Audiences Totally Misunderstood Iconic Scenes In TV Shows

Times Audiences Totally Misunderstood Iconic Scenes In TV Shows

Television is the most popular means of entertainment, without a doubt. Multiple shows have won over the hearts of their audience! However, not every sail can be a smooth one. Sometimes, a single moment from a show gets so blown out of proportion and misunderstood that it steals the limelight. These scenes can end up diminishing the show’s fan base. Here are the ten most misunderstood iconic scenes from tv shows.

1. The blackout heard round the world (HBO): The “Sopranos” is without a doubt a fan favorite. However, the final episode caused quite a stir. It ended with ambiguity regarding Tony’s death. As suspicious-looking men enter the room and dramatic music fills the room, the screen goes black. Fans were mad at the writers for leaving them hanging. However, in 2021, 15 years after the season finale, the writers declared Tony to be dead. 

 Times Audiences Totally Misunderstood Iconic Scenes In TV Shows

2. The Woodsmen are scarier than reason (Showtime): The layout of “Twin Peaks'” episode 8 is distorted and horrifying. This confusing episode left fans weirded out. With strange time jumps and supernatural horrors, it’s incredibly complicated. However, it shows the origin story of the series’ antagonist, which has nuanced references to mythology. This episode is dark, layered, and just strange. 

 Times Audiences Totally Misunderstood Iconic Scenes In TV Shows

3. Mechanical doppelgangers: HBO’s “Westworld” is a well-crafted maze of a show with confusing timelines, a deep plot, and riveting reactions. However, since the Season 2 finale post-credits, there has been one thread left loose. The scene where William asks his daughter for a “fidelity test.” This was confusing because his daughter was dead, and there was no known doppelganger of William. As a result, William’s character arc was thrown into question. Fans are hoping to get some answers in season 4.

 Times Audiences Totally Misunderstood Iconic Scenes In TV Shows

4. Purgatory Island?: The series “Lost” revolved around the survival of Oceanic Flight Crash 815’s living members. However, fans were left asking only one question by the season finale- was the island purgatory? The cut in the timeline at the last second with the vision of the afterlife, was complicated. This was a case unsolved, and fans were left making up their theories. It was only recently that the writers explained this ending.

 Times Audiences Totally Misunderstood Iconic Scenes In TV Shows

5. Worst laid plans: “Game Of Thrones” is without a doubt the highest-grossing show HBO has aired. The show is riddled with plot twists and interesting character arcs. Lord Varys was one such character everyone was rooting for. However, the writers had planned something for the audience. Going into the final season, most assumed Varys had a significant role in the end game. However, his writing off of the show seemed rushed. Fans were in awe with him executing an obliviously stupid plan and his character getting wrapped up. One of the most brilliant characters went out like a fool.

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6. A prison without a guard (Carlton Communications plc): Patrick McGoohan’s 1967 cult classic “The Prisoner” is everything and more. It is thought-provoking, and undoubtedly, a fan favorite. However, it also has one of the most misunderstood iconic scenes. In the end, fans were expecting all the mysteries to be answered. Questions like the real identity of Number 1 and the villain’s master plan made the audience sit on their seats’ edges. However, the show ended with the central prisoner driving off into the distance, leaving fans enraged.

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