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6 Times Marvel Heroes Tragically Killed Their Friends In Comics

These Marvel Heroes have the blood of their own friends staining the palm of their hands. These Marvel heroes are forced to live with that shame forever.

A Phoenix Force Powered Cyclops Murders Professor Xavier

Avengers vs. X-Men

We all hate on Jean Grey for letting the Phoenix Force take control of her and drive her insane. The Dark Phoenix saga made Jean grey a cold blooded murderer. But years later, we got to see that blaming Jean Grey was wrong. Because it was the entity that drove the host mad. In Avengers vs. X-Men, Marvel heroes from the two superhero teams fought over the Phoenix Force. In a fit of rage, a Phoenix Force powered Scott Summers attacks and kills Charles Xavier, the X-Men’s greatest mentor. That scene left many comic book readers shocked and stunned.

Thor Kills The Sentry To Stop The Void


During the Dark Reign story arc, Norman Osborn becomes the new President of the United States of America. His policies are too radical and sometimes downright inhuman. A hardliner and extremist, Norman wants the Asgardians to take their flying city out of USA airspace. The Asgardians refuse and the eventual climax of the Siege arc sees the Sentry, working under Osborn, almost decimate New Asgard. Thor, who was once Robert Reynolds’ ally, is forced to end his life to stop his Void persona from taking back full control and causing further mayhem.

It Was Peter Who Killed Gwen

The Amazing Spider-Man #121

One of the most controversial story lines ever, The Amazing Spider-Man #121 draws ire from comic book fans even today. The plot involves the Green Goblin hatching up a scheme and Spider-Man coming to save the day. Gwen Stacy dies in the process when Peter tries to save her from falling to her death. The Goblin claims Stacy died from shock. But the truth that is later revealed proves it was Spider-Man that killed Gwen Stacy. She did not die from shock. The whiplash from Peter’s webbing while he was trying to catch her was what killed her.

Stricken With Trauma, Scarlet Witch Ends The Lives Of Many Marvel Heroes

Scarlet Witch

After losing her children, Scarlet Witch was in a very bad place, mentally speaking. Traumatized and unstable, she became a flight risk. Moreover, her chaos magic meant that she was now a mentally unstable woman with the power to change reality at will. And that she did. Her reality warping powers were unleashed later on. The result – many of Marvel heroes perished when reality was re-written.

Tony Stark Has Goliath’s Blood On His Hands

Civil War

The Civil War arc revealed a rather ugly side of Tony Stark. he was no longer the quirky inventor with a knack for witty one-liners. Tony was willing to go to extreme lengths to defeat the anti-superhuman registration act faction. Since Thor was away, he stole his DNA and used Reed Richards and Hank Pym’s help to create a cybernetic clone called Ragnarok. Ragnarok eventually went insane and killed Goliath in battle. Hercules, Thor’s longtime rival, destroys the robotic clone when he realizes the real Thor would never commit such a cold-hearted act and the one before the Marvel heroes was clearly an impostor.

Hulk Orders Hawkeye To Kill Him

Civil War II

After Civil War, came the critically panned Civil War II. Iron Man and Captain Marvel led opposing factions fighting over a new Inhuman who could see the future. Bruce Banner, who knew the Hulk would be an invincible weapon in the hands of either faction, had ordered Hawkeye to kill him if need be. Clint Barton took down his longtime ally using a specially designed arrow made to kill the Hulk.