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6 Unpopular Opinions About David Lynch Movies We All Secretly Agree To

6 Unpopular Opinions About David Lynch Movies We All Secretly Agree To

David Lynch is a wildly popular American writer, filmmaker, and visual artist. In specific, he is popular across the world of cinema for his peculiar movies that blend elements of fear and surrealism in a very distinct and bounding way. Throughout his career, he has contributed majorly to the world of Hollywood and has also produced various independent movies. His films and cinema artistry are prominent for juxtaposing the usual and defying proper explanations. David Lynch’s movies included hits like Lost Highway, Velvet Touch, The Straight Story, and many more classics. Though his movies are being critically acclaimed, many viewers get confused at the end of movies. Let’s have a look at 6 unpopular opinions about the peculiar movies of the master of weird cinema:

The Shifting Landscape Of Movies

Any form of art is highly subjective and completely depends on the spectators. Once you put out an art form, you give the green sign to a viewer to mold as per their likings. There are as many kinds of movies as there are filmmakers. OleToothless, while addressing the cinematography of Lynch’s movie, said, “…movies are hard to immerse in.” He further stated that Lynch’s films are ever-shifting and poorly edited. Though this is true that movies hop from past to present to a trance-like stage, one cannot put aside the fact that these are the beauty of Lynch’s films. As far as editing is concerned, his movies have a dreamy feel because of the editing.

David Lynch

1977’s Eraserhead was a dull watch

Many films in cinema are considered too hard to sit through. Maybe because these movies are too overwhelming with emotions or are too dull to even tolerate for a scene, Lynch’s Eraserhead was hard to watch for many viewers, and many could not even understand it. But many believe that this movie narrated a story from a very surreal and different point of view. As a result, this movie got popular as a wonder of cinema in many critical circles.

David Lynch Eraserhead

Lynch Can Be Candid Too

Most of David’s movies are prominent for their vivid vision of a dream-like frame. But there have been several instances when David Lynch has been pretty straightforward. His first foray into Hollywood was with Elephant faces. Many viewers wildly stated that his vision was very candid and felt that he tried to restrain his vision. Through this movie, Lynch proved that he could also create a masterpiece by limiting himself within the boundaries.

David Lynch

To the time when the movie felt underdeveloped

Lynch’s movies were more about deeply felt emotions and astounding visuals in various instances. But viewers believe that the film can sometimes also have a very dangling and loosely packed plot. Wild At Heart narrated a romance story between star-crossed lovers. But many viewers believe that the plot was underdeveloped, and various links were left unresolved.

Wild at heart

When A Sequel Became Unnecessary

David Lynch did not create a movie to satiate fans’ hunger, as many others did. The maker viewed the sequel of Twin Peak, Fire Walk with Me, as something unnecessary. Viewers believed that something that must be not have been created was rolling on the screen for more than two hours.

David Lynch

When The Movie Felt Weak

David Lynch’s movies are quite dream-like and feels like a state of trance. The Mulholland Drive remains one of the best examples of the same. But many viewers believed that the overall film was weak. But the most unique part of Lynch’s movie is that they talk about dreams without overstating them.

The Mulholand drive

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