6 Ways Thor 4 Could Bring Back The “Deceased” Hela

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Hela was by far the single greatest threat to Asgard. Cate Blanchett did a terrific job playing Odin’s firstborn in Thor: Ragnarok. In fact she was so good that the fans are now asking if Marvel Studios could bring her back in some form.


Cate Blanchett has been pretty hush about her future involvement in the MCU. The fans take her silence in the most optimistic manner possible. As long as she does not openly deny that she will no longer be a part of MCU, anything is possible. Here’s how the MCU could bring back Hela.

A Time Variant Hela From An Alternate Timeline In Thor 4

Hela Ragnarok
A New Time Variant hela?

Loki has given us a lot to ponder upon. A time variant version of each and every superhero we love and adore exists out there in the Multiverse. The MCU Multiverse has cosmic dopplegangers of everyone, including our villains. With Thor 4 theroised of being a dimension and timestream hopping adventure, a time variant of Hela fits the bill like a glove.


Time Travel Could Bring Back A Past Version Of Hela

Hela Mjolnir Ragnarok
Hela Breaks Mjolnir

Or we could just take the tried and tested route. Instead of an alternate timeline, Thor 4 could just give us a past version of Hela. Remember that is how we got Thanos again in Endgame. The Mjolnir no longer exists but Thor: Love & Thunder somehow has it. Time travel would be a predictable but well-tested route to bring back one of the most iconic Thor villains back into the fold.

Hela Never Really Died During Ragnarok & Thus Can Appear In Thor 4

herla vs surtur
Hela vs. Surtur

We never really saw Hela’s death in the movie. All we saw was Surtur unleashing hell on Asgard and hela getting caught in the crossfire. The ambiguous nature of her death has led fans to speculate that MCU is saving her up for Thor 4. Even after Asgard’s destruction, Hela could have survived. Thor was floating in deep space for quite a while before the Guardians of the Galaxy caught him. Hela is the toughest of them all.

The Gorr Connection Would Explain How Hela Survives To Appear In Thor 4

Gorr Marvel Comics
Gorr The God Butcher

Thor: Love & Thunder already has Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher. In the comics, Gorr is an alien who hates all the Gods because they never came to his aid when he was a devout follower. So he now travels across the universe and dimensions, searching for Gods to slay. Gorr has the Necrosword in his possession, a weapon that was originally hinted at to be Hela’s weapon of choice.


If Hela survived Ragnarok, it would be natural for Gorr to encounter her early on in the film and kill her. It would showcase how powerful Gorr is compared to Hela. It took Thor the help of Loki, Hulk, Valkyrie, and Surtur to bring her down. Gorr did it in mere minutes. Now THAT’S a power move!!

Hela Is The Asgardian Ruler Of The Afterlife & She Can Use Her Powers To Bring Herself Back To Life

Hela Hel
Hela, Ruler Of Hel

In the comic books, Hela is actually the ruler of Hel – the Asgardian Afterlife. So she has total command over her own life because even if she dies, her soul will just be transferred to the Hel dimension. There she has absolute power and can bring herself back to life.

Thor will be on a journey of self-discovery after facing so much loss. Maybe he will get tempted to trade his life for someone else he loves (maybe Loki or Odin?). To do so, he literally has to make a deal with the Asgardian devil aka Hela.


Hela Becomes The MCU’s Lady Death & Makes an Appearance In Thor 4

Hela Lady Death
Is Hela The New Lady Death?

It’s not like it hasn’t been done before. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has already brought back a long forgotten MCU villain to life using the same approach. The Red Skull seemingly ‘died’ after being exposed to the Tesseract. Instead he was found on Vormir, cursed to become a cosmic spectre/gate-keeper of the Soul Stone.

Only an event that is truly cosmic in nature could turn a foe into an ethereal gatekeeper of the cosmos. Ragnarok, which destroyed the Asgardian realm, qualifies. Hela already has dominion over Hel. Lady Death and Thanos go way back. It was Lady Death that Thanos wanted to impress when he wiped out half the universe in the comic books.

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