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$60 Million Rich Sharon Stone Tearfully Admits She Lost Half of Her Money After Silicon Valley Bank Shut Down

$60 Million Rich Sharon Stone Tearfully Admits She Lost Half of Her Money After Silicon Valley Bank Shut Down

Actor Sharon Stone is the original s*x symbol of Hollywood. The star is known for her steamy blockbusters like the iconic Basic Instinct, Sliver, and other films in which she played the quintessential femme fatale, making her a huge sensation among audiences. Stone also went on to star in films that showcased her acting talent. The celebrity received a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination for her performance in Martin Scorsese’s crime drama Casino. Naturally, with a career spanning many years, the Total Recall actor has made her share of substantial money. But her profession has also thrown her many curveballs including a cancer scare and most recently, the loss of her fortune.

Sharon stone
Sharon Stone in Casino

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Sharon Stone confessed to almost being bankrupt

Actor Sharon Stone was recently present at the Women’s Cancer Research Fundraiser, where the star was presented with the Courage Award for her contribution to cancer awareness. While accepting the award, Stone emotionally confessed to having lost half her fortune in the Silicon Valley Bank collapse. Speaking of her traumatic experience, the actor emphasized the importance of taking action and said,

“I know that thing that you have to get on and figure out how to text the money is difficult. I’m a technical idiot, but I can write a f-king check” emphasizing the importance of taking action even if it’s not easy”

Sharon stone
Sharon Stone at the Women’s Cancer Research Fundraiser

Though Sharon Stone did not comment further on the stock market volatility that rocked the nation, the Casino star urged her fans and audiences to stand up to fraud and place a value on their lives. The actor stated,

“This is not an easy time for any of us. This is a hard time in the world, but I’m telling you what, I’m not having some politician tell me what I can and cannot do.”

Stone has always been an advocate for human rights and has made no bones about her political leanings as well. She has also supported the appointment of women in powerful posts.

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Sharon Stone stresses the importance of courage in tough times

Actor Sharon Stone has been through her share of difficult times professionally and personally. The actor spoke candidly of her cancer scare when she underwent breast removal surgery in 2001. This turned out to be a misdiagnosis with the star eventually recovering after the removal of benign fibroid tumors. Stone also lost her brother due to a heart attack and faced a substantial loss of money in the Silicon Valley crash. Despite these struggles, the Sliver actor encouraged people to live life with courage and positivity, stating,

“Stand up and say what you’re worth. I dare you. That’s what courage is.”

sharon stone 1
Actor Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone ended the event with the message that the correct awareness about health and finance was essential to leading a good life.

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