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$626M Dwayne Johnson Movie Nearly Derailed a Train by Slamming a Truck into it as They Didn’t Want to Use CGI

$626M Dwayne Johnson Movie Nearly Derailed a Train by Slamming a Truck into it as They Didn't Want to Use CGI

Despite starting off the movies in a pretty grounded manner, the Fast and Furious franchise soon found itself becoming one of the biggest action franchises after the arrival of Dwayne Johnson. By the time the franchise inched towards its 5th release, which also marked the entrance of Johnson’s Hobbs in the mix, the movies soon shifted from street racing to global hopping action flicks.

Although whether this entry changed the franchise for the better or worse remains up for debate, it’s safe to say that Fast Five was one of the best Fast and Furious entries to date. And in order to make the Fast and Furious movies a household name, this movie witnessed some unreal practical stunts.

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Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs
Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs

Dwayne Johnson’s Fast Five slammed a truck into a train for practical effect

Unlike many action blockbusters that rely heavily on CGI, the Fast and Furious have always embraced practical effects and Fast Five took it to the next level. Not only the movie introduced Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs with a bang and pushed him to the top, but the movie also witnessed some of the most eye-popping practical stunts of the last decade. Apart from the iconic vault chase scene, the train heist sequence was also real, as it was revealed that the flatbed truck slamming the moving train was completely real and it almost derailed the train in the process.

But since then the franchise hasn’t looked back and with each entry, the magnitude of the stunts keeps on increasing and the most recent entry in the franchise doesn’t disappoint in that regard. And one of the newcomers to the franchise had a blast while working on those action sequences

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Fast Five (2011)
Fast Five (2011)

Jason Momoa had a blast filming his own stunts in Fast X

Considering that the Fast X relies heavily on its action sequences and striking practical stunts with a touch of CGI to bring them to life, Jason Momoa had a blast filming this new entry. From paying homage to the vault chase sequence in Fast Five to many other mind-popping stunts, it’s evident why this role was a fun ride for the whole crew, especially Jason Momoa. Reflecting on his experience working on the film, Momoa expressed his happiness at the fact that he was allowed to perform most of his stunts. He said,

“I had an amazing stuntman in Joe, who did some really sick stunts and the rest of it, the act of riding through that city at that speed… think one of the producers were like, ‘Wow, Jason’s double’s amazing, I don’t know how we got them’, and they’re like, ‘That’s Momoa’. I’m pretty happy they let me do that, but even in those moments, I’m like, ‘Wow, they let me do that?'”

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Jason Momoa in Fast X
Jason Momoa in Fast X

With the hype for the next entry in the franchise at an all-time high, fans will be engrossed at what new heights can this franchise go, which made Dwayne Johnson the star he is now.

Fast X is currently running in theatres.

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