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$68M Ben Stiller Superhero Movie Likely To Get a Sequel: “We were the first superhero team-up before The Avengers”

$68M Ben Stiller Superhero Movie Likely To Get a Sequel: "We were the first superhero team-up before The Avengers"

Ben Stiller is a well-known American comedian, actor, and filmmaker. Stiller has outperformed a wide range of work in the entertainment industry. Stiller has been honored with various accolades including an Emmy Award and much more. Stiller in an interview revealed that he is down for the sequel of his 1999 comedy superhero film, Mystery MenMystery Men directed by Kinka Usher, and starring Ben Stiller was a commercial and critical disappointment at the box office but has since gained a cult following for its unique take on the superhero genre.

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Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller Expressed His Wish For The Sequel Of Mystery Men

Ben Stiller plays the role of Roy / Mr. Furious in the movie and is a superhero whose power is his rage. Mystery Men followed a group of inept superheroes, each with their quirky powers, who band together to save their city from a nefarious villain known as Casanova Frankenstein, played by Geoffrey Rush. The movie was notable for its humor and satirical take on superhero tropes. Stiller added that he still has rage inside to reprise his role of Mr. Rage. 

“That’s the first I’m hearing of it, but sure. I’m all for it. I had fun doing it. Yeah, it would be a blast. It was a really, really fun cast. And there’s still some rage and fury inside me somewhere, I think.”  

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Mystery Men
Mystery Men

The Cast Of Mystery Men Shared Their Mixed Responses On The Possible Sequel

In an interview, Ben Stiller’s co-star in the cult superhero movie, Kel Mitchell shared that he is ready for the second installment of his cult classic movie. Mitchell played the role of the shy Invisible Boy, who can only become invisible if nobody is looking. The Kenan & Kel star hinted that his idea reflects the origin story of the movie’s superhero. Mitchell also said that his team of superheroes is the first superhero team, ahead of Avengers. 

“Shout out to Mystery Men. Shout out to Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria, Janeane Garofalo. Such a great film. I want it. I’ve asked Hank Azaria about it. I’ve got a fun idea for that one, too. We’re gonna be talking to Ben about that. Let’s just say ‘origin story. You know, we were the first superhero team-up before The Avengers and all those [superhero movies] started doing that.”

Hank Azaria played the role of Blue Raja in the film and possessed the superpowers of using cutlery except for knives with great accuracy. Azaria gave a pessimistic answer to any possible sequel of the movie.

“I don’t think so, my friend. We already tried that, we failed rather miserably, really. We have a cult following, folks like yourself seem to enjoy it. But the box office at the time didn’t agree, so usually Hollywood doesn’t [give you] a second bite at that apple, do they?”

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A scene from Mystery Men
A scene from Mystery Men

The original movie was indeed made over two decades ago and a possible sequel after this much is surely a challenging task. There is also the question of whether audiences today would be interested in a comedy superhero movie like Mystery Man, especially in a market that is saturated with superhero blockbusters. Still, the potential for a Mystery Men sequel is exciting news for fans, who have been waiting for years to see their favorite characters back on the big screen. Mystery Men is currently streaming on Peacock.


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