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7 Awesome DC Animated Shows That Are Sadly Not Part Of DCAU

Batman: The Animated Series became very popular back in the 90s. Ever since DC and Warner Bros have been known for well-written characters and entertaining animated series. DCAU became famous for its unique traits of quality and love, Animated series of DCAU like Batman, Superman, Justice League, and others, were well received by the fans. Whenever fans think of good animated series, we think of the ones with DC characters. But truth be told a lot of those series are not a part of DCAU.

1. Beware The Batman

Beware The Batman animated series
Beware The Batman

The only CG show of Batman is the most recent and the most underrated series. The series, unfortunately, became a victim of the DC cull of Cartoon Network. It got canceled along with Green Lantern and Young Justice. Beware The Batman focused on Batman’s early years and had a darker theme. It added the lesser-used villains like Anarky, Professor Pyg, and Magpie too.

2. Young Justice

Young Justice animated series
Young Justice

One of the biggest comebacks of DC is Young Justice. The series can be said to be at par with the upcoming Justice League by Zack Snyder. It debuted in 2010 and is set in the DC universe. Young Justice focuses on the younger heroes of DC like Robin, Aqualad, and Miss Martian. They together are a part of a covert operations team.

3. DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls animated series
DC Super Hero Girls

Not the web series, DC Super Hero Girls is an animated series that is fun to watch and has a colorful look. It adds something different to the DC universe. It is similar to Teen Titans GO! in its theme. The series is ongoing on Cartoon Network and has a new video game based on it. The game is titled – DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power, for Nintendo switch.

4. Teen Titans

Teen Titans animated series
Teen Titans

The original Teen Titans ran along with Justice League and other DCAU shows. But it was never a part of it. There were few references to the Titans in shows like Static Shock, yet they were never included. Teen Titans was immensely popular and survived the transition to Cartoon Network from WB. The animated series had five seasons and aired till 2006.

5. Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super-Heroes animated series
Legion of Super-Heroes

The first animated show to appear after the conclusion of Justice League Unlimited by DCAU – Legion of Super-Heroes aired on Kids WB. Though the show was introduced in an episode of Unlimited, it was separate. It was introduced for the marketing of Superman Returns and Smallville. The two seasons of the show were well received but it got canceled when Kids WB was taken over by 4kids.

6. Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Batman: The Brave and The Bold animated series
Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Totally different from the Batman animated series, Batman: The Brave and The Bold is a better version of it. Away from the dark theme of Batman, the series had fun with the whole concept of Batman. The Brave and The Bold’s Batman and his friends take the roles as superheroes seriously yet the stories are wild, colorful, over-the-top.

7. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn animated series
Harley Quinn

While the character was first introduced by DCAU, Harley Quinn got her first animated series that was not a part of the shared universe. It gave the showrunners the freedom to portray the character the way they liked. Harley Quinn Seasons 1 and 2 are loud, hilarious, rude, exciting, yet emotional. The fans also get to see a funny side of classic characters in the series.

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