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7 Baddest Catchphrases In Cinematic History, Ranked

How can you make a movie stick in your mind? The best option is to use a script that stands out, and nothing works better than a movie catchphrase that becomes part of pop culture.  Unlike TV series, where a character’s catchphrase might be worked into the ground, movie catchphrases may only be used once or twice in the film, but it is repeated again and over in real life.

The things that our favorite actors say can sometimes be just as memorable as what they perform on screen. In truth, film history is riddled with memorable one-liners and sayings. Thus, here’s a list of the seven baddest catchphrases in movie history:

1. “Bond, James Bond”

One of the best catchphrases in Hollywood history
The Original Bond Movie: Dr. No.

While this immensely famous statement is delivered by the character of James Bond in all of his films, it all began with Dr. No. If we’re being completely honest, the dialogue was never delivered in a more suave or polished manner in any of the later flicks. When we first encounter the British spy, he’s sitting at a poker table, dressed to the nines and appearing devilishly handsome. When Sean Connery’s Bond is asked his name, he responds nonchalantly, “Bond. James Bond“. After more than fifty years of filmmaking, it’s still the best Bond moment, with Bond’s look established in that moment for all eternity.

2. “Avengers, Assemble”

One of the best catchphrases in Hollywood history.
Captain America calling out all Avengers.

“Avengers Assemble” has traditionally been a great slogan because it summons all of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to battle. The mere sound of someone yelling it warns the readers that the evil folks are about to get what they deserve. Avengers: Endgame, on the other hand, added even more to the coolness of this catchphrase. We finally get to hear the legendary phrase that has always led the squad, unifying the MCU’s finest cast of heroes, after years of waiting. When the superheroes are getting set to fight Thanos, Captain America gives the orders. When he understood that all of the heroes had returned, he seized Mjolnir and said, “Avengers Assemble,” setting off one of the finest, spectacular moments in any superhero film.

3. “May the force be with you”

One of the most memorable catchphrases in movie history
General Jan Dodonna from Star Wars, who coined this famous catchphrase.

This is most probably one of the movie catchphrases that is more well-known than any other in the whole world. Whether you’re wishing someone good luck, saying your goodbyes, or generally greeting someone, “May the force be with you!” is the crowd-favorite catchphrase of all time. In fact, the term is so common that even has its own day on the calendar. Many people credit Obi-Wan with coining the term, but it was actually the relatively unknown General Dodonna who said it first. Nonetheless, with the success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and at least one more film in the works for the next few years, we should all be accustomed to hearing this galactic greeting.

4. “To Infinity and Beyond”

One of the most memorable catchphrases in movie history
Most popular Toy story quote: To Infinity and Beyond”.

There aren’t many scenes in cinema that are as memorable as Buzz and Woody exiting Sid’s house in the first Toy Story, then crashing with style into Andy’s automobile, who is distraught because he believes he has lost his toys. Woody outstretches his hands and exclaims Buzz’s catchphrase, “To infinity and beyond!” as Buzz and Woody glide through the air. It’s pure fun as the legendary pair strengthen their bond and explore places no toy has gone before. Of course, eventually, in the series, the line is used to signify one of the most dramatic moments, when Woody and Buzz split ways forever and both recite the phrase while looking back at each other.

5. “Why So Serious?”

One of the most memorable catchphrases in movie history
The Joker’s dark catchphrase: Why So Serious.

Heath Ledger’s Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight in 2008 introduced a new element for the first time in live-action. It was profound and passionate anarchy to the character, which made Batman’s biggest foe look like someone who could genuinely exist in the world. However,  it was the anecdotes he told about how he got his smiling scars that most closely matched the “why so serious” statement that Ledger’s Joker uttered so often. From an enraged parent to a terrified wife, Ledger’s Joker concocted the ideal plot to terrify his hostages and solidify his place in history. The fact that Ledger died just six months before the film’s premiere also added to the poignancy of this catchphrase.

6. ” An Offer He Can’t Refuse”

One of the most memorable catchphrases in movie history.
Don Vito Corleone’s casual threat, that turned into the most popular catchphrase ever.

It’s a simple commitment made by Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather, and it’s one the most famous catchphrases ever spoken in cinematic history. The remark was initially featured in Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather, which was about the fictional Corleone crime family. It’s uttered gently and quietly, like most of Marlon Brando’s best lines in the 1972 classic. Because it seems nearly innocent, the line has a lot of impact. We learn a few scenes later that the “offer” is actually an order, and Woltz “can’t refuse” because doing so will almost certainly result in his death. The way it was portrayed in the film makes it sound more like suave gangster lingo, which it has now morphed into.

7. “Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti”

One of the most memorable catchphrases in movie history
Arguably, one of the film’s most famous, creepy catchphrases, paired with Hannibal’s accompanying hissing noise.

“I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.” It’s among the most memorable lines in film history, and Sir Anthony Hopkins’ delivery is praised for its sinister stillness. Interestingly, it has now been discovered that along with this being one of the most famous catchphrases, also has hidden humor. Dr. Lecter’s side selections were apparently not based on his personal preferences; rather, he was making a medical joke. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors could have been used to cure him, but Wine, liver, and beans are the three foods you can’t consume while on them.  As a doctor, Lecter would have understood this, thus he was trying to be funny about not taking his meds while also making Clarice squirm.

Written by Alfeeya Pathan

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