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7 Fan Theories About MCU Villains That Join Dots

The fan theories about Marvel movies never seem to be ending. Especially after Endgame and Loki came to the big screens. Some of those speculations are so amazingly thought-provoking that we can’t help but bring them to everyone else’s notice too. But only this time, the fan theories are about MCU villains. So here are 7 fan theories about MCU villains that join the dots.

1. We all were in awe when we saw Steve Rogers resist Thanos from snapping in Endgame. Didn’t we all wonder how he did that? Well, this fan theory suggests that he was able to stop Thanos because he came in contact with the glove. And since it worked according to the person’s will, it is in contact with, and it worked for Steve since he had a stronger will.

7 Fan Theories About MCU Villains That Join Dots
Cap resists Thanos

2. This theory suggests that Loki probably always knew that Thanos would win and that the Avengers could undo what he did. In the Loki series, he told us that he knew that the Avengers were back in time since he could smell Tony’s body spray from 2 men. That implies he knew this then, and so his behavior changed in the later movies. And also, that’s why he took the Tesseract from Odin’s vault to keep it from Thanos.

Loki Steals Tesseract Scene 7 Fan Theories About MCU Villains That Join Dots
Loki in Endgame

3. Loki is a right-handed person. We have always seen him fight using his right except for two circumstances, according to this theory. The fan suggests that he used them when he faked his own death in Dark World and when he stabbed Thanos. So this could mean that he was an illusion in these instances, and we saw his mirror image.

7 Fan Theories About MCU Villains That Join Dots
Loki tries to stab with his left hand

4. This one is about why the serum worked for skinny Steve and not for Red Skull. This one says that before injecting the serum, Erskine injected penicillin, and Schmidt took the serum himself, and so the bacteria in his body also enhanced and destroyed his skin.

7 Fan Theories About MCU Villains That Join Dots Red Skull
Red Skull

5. The Avengers had only one chance to defeat Thanos, which was in Endgame. But this theory says that he lost because he didn’t see the other possibilities which Dr. Strange saw. So unaware of what would happen next, he didn’t know how to beat them.

Best Dr Strange 14 Million Possibilities GIFs | Gfycat
Dr. Strange

6. Thanos’s original plan towards acquiring all the Infinity Stones was by destroying Asgard first. That is what it was in the climax of The Avengers. He knew that Odin’s sons would be his greatest threats, so he waited to attack at the right time. He chose Loki since he understood his weakness, but that didn’t go as planned. Although he lost the space stone then, he managed to destroy Asgard. 

Every Marvel post-credits scene explained – and what they mean for future MCU movies | GamesRadar+
Thanos at the end of first Avengers movie

7. This theory isn’t about any particular villain; instead, it suggests that the Mind stone is the villain. There are several instances in the movies where the reason for their strange behavior is because of the mind stone’s presence. Just like the Red Skull talks about Soul stone being the wisest stone, the fan has a theory that the mind stone causes destruction.

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Banner holding the scepter

There are obviously for than these 7 fan theories about the MCU villains. While we look at some more, let us know what do you think of these?