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7 Great Anime if You Can Look Past the Pathetic Animation

7 Great Anime if You Can Look Past the Pathetic Animation

In the amazing and vast world of anime, one finds themselves going through hundreds of genres at a time just to look for that one perfect anime. Finding a great anime to watch that will make your time worthwhile is a hard enough task already, and factors such as bad animation make it even harder to watch a particular series.

Different Types Of Anime
One Piece, Dragon Ball, and One Punch Man – Some Hit Amine Series

However, there are some hidden gems that are lying out there in plain sight. What we are essentially talking about is a particular type of anime that might have bad animation, but the story and the plot make watching it worth it, Following is a list of 7 such great series if you can look past the pathetic animation.

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7. Ping Pong The Animation

Released in 2014, the animation style of this particular series is rather simplistic and crude. It goes over the story of two young table tennis players, called Peco and Smile, who are trying their best to make it to the top.

While the animation might not be good enough, the story explores the themes of friendship and rivalry. The plot is catchy and the characters are developed well as the series progresses.

Ping Pong The Animation
Ping Pong The Animation

6. Berserk Anime(2016)

Berserk is one of the most popular manga and has been so for decades, however, an animated adaptation that came out in 2016 sparked some controversies as it was not able to keep up with the legacy that the series had built for itself.

The animation was one of the major points of criticism that the series received at the time, as the CGI technology used to make the anime at the time backfired and gave a poor output to the audience, something which was not appreciated at all by the fans.

Berserk Anime
Berserk Anime

5. The Seven Deadly Sins

The animated adaptation of The Seven Deadly Sins was well received till the second last season, however, everything went downhill with the very last season of the anime.

The Seven Deadly Sins animated last season was criticized by the audience and fans alike, due to its inconsistent character models, as well as rough and not fluid animation at points.

However, many chose to ignore the issues with the animation at the time as it was the final season of a franchise that went over a particularly interesting storyline which makes it worth watching.

The Seven Deadly Sins Criticized For Last Season
The Seven Deadly Sins Criticized For Last Season

4. Overlord

This is a name on the list that many might not have expected to be in this list, however, the animation at many points in this anime had issues that need to be addressed.

This isekai series goes over the story of our main character being stuck in the world of a virtual reality game, where he then sets out to explore the new world alongside his loyal followers.

The animation for the most part is praised by the audience, however particular scenes such as one where demon goats were CGI’d into the animation was something that the series was trolled over.

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Demon Goats In Overlord
Demon Goats In Overlord

3. Tatami Galaxy

Tatami Galaxy is an anime that is often praised for its relatable story, despite the fact that the animation is minimalist and simple to the point.

The plot covers the life of a college boy, who is stuck in a time loop in the middle of his quest for perfection, and that is when everything starts falling apart, as he struggles to find a place for himself in the world.

Tatami Galaxy
Tatami Galaxy

2. Mushishi

Released in 2005, this particular anime yet once again has a minimalistic animation, something which is normal for the time it was released.

The plot of Mushishi revolves around a man who travels to different places in Japan in order to help people affected by spirits called Mushi.


1. Tesla Note

Tesla Note is an anime that many watchers have claimed to have quit after watching the first few minutes of the episode, owing to the excess usage of 3DCG animation in the series.

However, the few who stuck around to give the series a fair chance have reported it being worth watching it till the end. Tesla Note is a thriller series and its fast-paced story revolves around Botan Negoro, someone who is raised to be the ultimate spy. He is tasked with recovering the notes of the great inventor Nicola Tesla, which then can be used to create powerful weapons.

Tesla Note
Tesla Note

While all the anime in the above list might have horrible animation, they do have an interesting plot and story that makes it worth investing the time one spends watching them.

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Written by Aaditya Chugh