7 Major MCU Problems That Need To Be Addressed In Phase 4 & Beyond

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MCU’s Phase 4 is constantly bringing in new heroes and fresh narrative concepts with all of their stories. They are answering a few questions of the past, but they are raising even more queries for us. Certain major MCU problems have been created which need to be solved in future projects. But so far, none of those problems have even been addressed at all. Here are 7 major issues that we want answers for:


The Snap Problem

The GRC came in to relocate the blipped individuals. But we still haven’t got the answer to what happened to the people who got blipped mid-air, or from underwater submarines, or from places where it would be dangerous to return to. When this was asked from the creatives, they simply replied that Hulk would have thought of bringing people back from inconvenient places to places that were safe for them. But this explanation hasn’t been backed by any footage whatsoever.


If you look at Endgame, Far From Home, WandaVision, and Hawkeye, all these projects showed us people returning to the exact same spots they were snapped from. It was just Hawkeye that went a step ahead to show us how Yelena’s surroundings were physically altered when she began to exist once more. Rest, Marvel still is not doing anything to answer the Blip questions we’ve had for so long.

The Emergence

Major MCU Problems

A celestial head that’s supposedly much higher than Everest just emerged on Earth. If something like this happened in the real world, it’s highly likely the planet would have been destroyed. So didn’t the Emergence have any planetary consequences? It has been 3 projects since Eternals came out and none of those even presented an Easter Egg reference to what happened in Eternals.


Why is no one in the MCU talking about such a major occurrence? I guess the heroes and the common people of Earth have become used to such catastrophic occurrences. So, they’re all probably taking the emergence in stride while leading their normal lives.

Multiverse Consequences


Endgame made a huge deal about not creating new timelines. The Ancient One specifically advised Bruce against creating new branches in time. That’s why Cap had to go to great lengths to clip off most of those branches. Doctor Strange should have the same knowledge that the Ancient One had about the multiverse. He must be aware that changing the past would create new branches. So why was he okay with Peter Parker fixing the multiversal villains and sending them back to create new realities?

Aren’t there any multiversal consequences to what happened in No Way Home? Now that the TVA is also in ruins, no one is going to clip all the new Sony branches that were created. I guess we’ll see the consequences in Multiverse of Madness as the bill’s gonna come due!


Memory Spell

Major MCU Problems

Besides multiversal issues, Strange’s spell created several other mysteries. We need answers for the extent to which the spell worked. Did it destroy all physical records of Peter on the planet? Were his physical documents all gone? The videos he would have been in were all erased? And why did MJ still show an inclination to remember him with her Black Dalia necklace? Are there others who might still remember him?

If the Avengers forgot Peter that attended Tony’s funeral, then who do they think Aunt May came with? How does Happy remember Aunt May if he doesn’t remember Peter Parker? Did Peter 2 and Peter 3 also forget? At least some of these questions should be clarified in MCU’s Spider-Man 4!


Khonshu’s Justice?

Just like people did not react to the Emergence, they probably haven’t reacted to Khonshu causing a sudden eclipse or reversing Earth’s sky 2000 years back. Again, they must have taken that as a regular occurrence too. But, what I truly wanna know is, where was Khonshu’s Avatar during Endgame. Clearly, he had been working with Marc for a while. And before him, Arthur Harrow used to be his Avatar. So why didn’t Khonshu send his Moon Knight to fight in a battle against Thanos? The show hasn’t really answered this question even after its 5 episodes.



So far, we haven’t seen Vampires in the MCU. We’ve only had a couple of cosmic references for them through Thor: Ragnarok and Loki. But now that Blade has arrived at the scene, we need some answers for why we haven’t seen even a single Vampire in the MCU until now. Why will they only start to emerge when the Blade project arrives? Will the Darkhold have something to do with it? I guess Multiverse of Madness should hint at this query as well.


Major MCU Problems

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will finally bring Namor and the Atlanteans to the surface world. Now it is quite certain that the MCU will play it as if the Atlanteans would have blended amongst humans on land when they needed to conduct certain missions. But why is it that the King of Atlantis or any of the Atlanteans never reacted to the blip? After all, Thanos’ snap must have reduced half of their population too. So, they never thought to help the Avengers against him in Endgame? Why is Namor expressing his anger just now in Black Panther 2? I guess we’ll get clarity on this in November!

Which other burning questions do you have after the recent MCU projects? Let us know in the comments.


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