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7 Money Heist Trivia You Might Not Know

Now that the phenomenal Money Heist series is over, fans will be lingering on the memories shared by the characters from the show. For avid fans, it is not just a drama series but a reflection of the society we live in.

Now, this is the part where we get behind the scenes and further discover more about this Netflix series that shook the world.

The Professor Has A City Name

The Professor

We know Sergio Marquina as The Professor all along but we have never heard him being called with a city name. Everyone had their aliases named after famous cities in the world except for him. Little did the audience know that he has an unofficial name: Vatican City. It seems proper to call him that as he exhibits the very nature of it, a city so mysterious yet brimming with knowledge.

The First Season Was Filmed Within Madrid

Rio and Tokyo

For a show that’s just started and has no solid viewership yet, the production crew had to film all scenes within Madrid. But, things changed when Netflix acquired the series and catapulted it to popularity. Now lots of scenes are filmed in various places such as private resorts and Thai Buddhist temples. They were also able to rent helicopters and other expensive vehicles.

They Did Not Shoot At The Royal Mint

Royal Mint of Spain The Professor

The initial plan was to shoot on location at The Royal Mint of Spain but after countless efforts, their request was not permitted. The crew had to be creative to make it look like it was filmed in a specific setting. They scouted for historical buildings that appear almost entirely similar to it. Finally, they found the Spanish National Research Council.

La Casa De Papel Was Not The Original Title

Money Heist 2

The original title of the show was supposed to be Los Desahuciados or The Outcasts. Obviously, it’s about a group of outcasts robbing a bank. However, the opening scene saw them stealing money from the Royal Mint. So, more likely, La Casa De Papel or The House of Paper seems more appropriate.

The Script Was Not Pre-Written

Money Heist cast

For most shows, the scripts were written in advance but in Money Heist, the writers sit down to discuss the next episodes. The reason behind this is they want to know the audience’s reaction to certain episodes and then they decide what to do next. It means that the fate of every character is not predestined!

The Series Was Almost Cancelled

Money Heist

It’s difficult to imagine that a record-breaking show like Money Heist was almost shredded to pieces. The series premiered in 2017 and started with high ratings, but as time went by, it lost its viewership. Netflix came to the rescue and it is now one of the most-watched shows on the platform.

Tokyo Was Not Supposed To Be The Narrator


The Professor was chosen to do the narration. However, the directors switched gears and gave the role to Tokyo after realizing how male-dominant the show is. It was not part of the original plan until they made the last-minute changes.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.