7 More Steam Games for Free

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If you enjoyed our previous list of free steam games, you’ll want to stay tuned for 7 more. After all, you can never get too much free stuff, especially for the price tag.



Fallout Shelter


You’ll have complete authority over an underground shelter, where you will build and upkeep peace in a post apocalyptic world. If you’re a fan of the Fallout franchise, then this game is for you. Even better, it’s entirely free to access on Steam. Build the best future you can for your underground dwellers and lead them to happiness. Protect and prosper in a new found wasteland. 

Make it out alive in this barren wasteland.

VR Chat 

This game has become less popular than it initially was in 2018, but still has an active community in it nonetheless. With the rise of VR in gaming, this game brings a different kind of socialization to the modern world and offers players the ability to interact with each other in a virtual space. This is great for social anxiety, making new friends, or just peeking in to pass the time. 

Start a true conversation online.

Star Conflict 

This is a similar game to Eve, the massive online space simulator with a ton of roles and activities. Star Conflict takes on this genre with a higher focus on battles and fast-paced destruction. Additionally, you’ll find that the player interface is much easier to navigate and much funner to ease into. You’ll have nearly everything you can find in Eve, in a much more compact styled game for your enjoyment. Try Star Conflict for an easier version of the beloved space-exploration era of PC gaming. 

Use massive warships to defeat your enemies.

Albion Online 


As one of the best MMORGPs that has come out of recent years, this massive sandbox game has attracted a ton of online players from across the world into a single playing ground. Albion is unique in the sense that you can choose and combine your own roles to perform any activity you like. There are no class restraints and you’re free to explore wherever you wish. This game boasts a completely player-driven economy, tons of activities, fights, guilds, private plots, and animal raising, all in a fantasy-like world of wonder. 

Find your own favorite creature to raise.

OnlyCans: Thirst Date

Comedic games are always great for a few laughs. OnlyCans is a hilarious twist on the well-known site OnlyFans, with literal soda cans instead of human models. You’ll take photographs of some well-dressed cans and well… that’s it. It’s a unique game of its own and adds a bit of fun to what would usually be considered erotic content. There is a warning for sexual references, but it overall is an entertaining play to kill a few hours.  


Dota 2

Dota 2 is second only to League of Legends, with a huge player base and similar, complex strategy gameplay that can keep you immersed for hours. Enter one arena in a 5v5 battle packed with heroes, special moves, and a huge space for planning your best attacks. It has a very versatile character and ability choices which you can play around with, entirely for free.

It’s free, you should try it.



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Written by Emily Shadel

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