7 Most Paused Movie Moments in History Has One Marvel Scene Alongside Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez

Here is a list of 7 scenes that didn't let the audience to move their eyes.

7 Most Paused Movie Moments in History Has One Marvel Scene Alongside Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez


  • A range of movie scenes tend to be viewed by fans more than once, due to a number of reasons.
  • Recently, LoveFilm listed the most paused scenes in movie history, featuring a popular MCU film in the seventh spot.
  • The list also included a popular Basic Instinct scene, featuring its leading star Sharon Stone.
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There are several scenes in movies that force us to look minutely at them for specific details or their cinematic beauty. We are forced to pause these scenes either for subtle hints or because they prove worthy of a second look, or even a third (and so on). It is very common in the Marvel films which are famous for their Easter Eggs that play a major role in binding the cinematic universe.


However, it is not only limited to Marvel as other movies also force the audience to pause specific scenes for various reasons. The site LoveFilm (via /Film) has collected votes from its subscribers to list the top most paused scenes in movies. From bold to absolutely humorous, here we present to you, the 7 most paused movie moments in history.

7. Captain America’s shield in Marvel’s Iron Man 2- 4%

Marvel's Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its fine detailing and brilliant connectivity between the movies. One of their very first evidence of connectivity was seen in Iron Man 2 when Captain America’s shield was seen on Tony Stark’s desk. The scene didn’t fail to go unnoticed by the ardent Marvel fans who later found out that it was Tony’s father Howard Stark who created the shield.


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6. Brad Pitt’s surprise flash behind Doctor in Fight Club- 5%

Brad Pitt flashed behind doctor in Fight Club
The sequence of Brad Pitt’s flashing in Fight Club (Credit: 20th Century Studios)

Fight Club has uncountable hidden details that are impressive. Interestingly, before the Narrator (Edward Norton) officially met Brad Pitt‘s Tyler Durden, the latter appeared six times as flashes in several frames. Looks like the scene where Pitt flashed behind the doctor who was talking about testicular cancer made several fans notice the impressive detail of Tyler’s foundation.

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5. Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?– 6%

Jessica Rabbit's scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Jessica Rabbit’s scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

It can’t be denied that every frame of Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is pause-worthy. Jessica is not only one of the boldest animated characters but also stands as one of the most prominent s-x symbols in pop culture. One of her sultriest scenes in the 1988 movie with Bob Hoskins couldn’t stop the audience from taking a prolonged look at it for all the wrong reasons.

4. Jamie Lee Curtis’ topless scene in Trading Places- 8%

Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places
Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places

While Jamie Lee Curtis has been a part of several iconic movies, especially in the horror and slasher genres, Trading Places featured the Scream Queen in a controversial scene. The topless scene of Curtis’ Ophelia was regretted by the actress herself in a later interview. Despite loving the role of Ophelia, she didn’t like the scene at all which many also deemed as unnecessary.

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3. Stormtrooper’s head-banging scene in Star Wars: Episode IV- 15%

Stormtrooper bangs head in Star Wars: Episode IV
Stormtrooper bangs head in Star Wars: Episode IV

The Star Wars fans are aware of this hilarious Stormtrooper scene from A New Hope. The 1977 movie kept a hilarious scene where we could watch a group of Stormtroopers entering a control room with one of them accidentally banging his head. It turned out to be one of the most hilarious takeaways from the movie and even the man behind the mask Laurie Goode was shocked to find it not being cut and instead turning it into a major meme material.

2. Jennifer Lopez in The Back-up Plan- 16%

Jennifer Lopez in The Back-up Plan
Jennifer Lopez in The Back-up Plan

Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly one of the most attractive actresses in the industry. The audience proved it well as the scene featuring her naked rear in The Back-up Plan turned out to be one of the most paused scenes in history. The 2010 movie featuring Lopez alongside Alex O’Loughlin also turned out to be a major box office hit despite garnering a negative reception from the critics.

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1. Sharon Stone’s leg-crossing scene in Basic Instinct- 31%

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct
Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct can never omit itself from the list of one of the most controversial movies of all time. The erotic thriller that catapulted Sharon Stone to international fame featured her in an iconic sequence sitting with her legs crossed in an attempt to seduce Michael Douglas. Although the scene and the movie have a massive fanbase, Stone later admitted how she can never stop regretting the movie that didn’t even pay her what she deserved for her work in the movie.

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