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7 Things Insomniac’s Upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine Needs to Include

Marvel's Wolverine is set to be Insomniac's next big release, so we're taking a look at what we want to see included.

7 Things Marvel's Wolverine Needs to Include


  • 7 things everybody would want to see in Marvel's Wolverine.
  • The game needs powerful enemies and mature violence.
  • Iconic costumes and numerous skills are must.

Insomniac’s Wolverine game is one of the most anticipated upcoming PlayStation games. The game was first announced during the PlayStation Showcase in 2021 and is expected to be released in late 2024 or early 2025. Marvel’s Wolverine will allow players to play as Logan and wreak havoc.

Marvel’s Wolverine is currently in development at Insomniac Games, the studio behind critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man games. There are very less details out to the public about the game but no shortage of excitement as players have been busy speculating what the game could bring. Below are the seven things that need to be in Marvel’s Wolverine at launch.

7. Marvel’s Wolverine Needs To Have Cameo Characters

Marvel's Wolverine must feature some important characters.
Marvel’s Wolverine must feature some important characters.

Marvel’s Wolverine shares the universe with Marvel’s Spider-Man titles and while players may see Spider-Men; Peter Parker and Miles Morales, they are certainly going to want more. Although it is not yet clear in what timeline of Logan’s life will the game’s story take place, it would be incomplete without a few characters who are important to the character in the Marvel universe.

Wolverine has a rich history and has lived a long life due to his rapid healing factor. This has resulted in him meeting several characters over the years. This includes some very important characters such as Doctor Xavier and Sabretooth.

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It’d be great to see these characters and others to be present in the game to give depth to the story. Some other potential character additions could be Hulk or his son Daken. Hulk and Wolverine already have a history and both the heroes going head to head would add an exciting element to the game.

6. The Game Should Be Set in an Open World

Marvel's Wolverine needs to be set in an open-world.
Marvel’s Wolverine needs to be set in an open world.

One of the best things about Insomniac’s Spider-Man titles is the open-world setting and the freedom it gives players to traverse around New York City. The developers have done extremely well with the size of the game map that players access and Marvel’s Wolverine would be ideal for the same, especially as it hasn’t been done before.

The teaser of the game already hints that the game will be set in Madripoor and the area hasn’t been explored in any other Marvel titles so it would be great if players could traverse around Madripoor as Wolverine and possibly on a vehicle like he does in the comic books.


5. No Health Bar and Ultraviolence Would Be Ideal

Marvel's Wolverine needs to have a mature rating.
Marvel’s Wolverine needs to have a mature rating.

Wolverine is essentially impossible to kill with the rapid healing factor and dangerous claws powerful enough to rip his enemies apart. There can be several challenges during missions but there is no real need for a health bar if he can’t be killed. It’d be fairly hard for developers to come up with something to hurt players even if they are immortal and keep them immersed and engaged as well.

Marvel’s Wolverine also needs to have some of the best dark and gory violence ever seen in a video game. Wolverine is not a kid’s superhero like Spider-Man as his stories are more serious and don’t shy away from violence. It would be amazing to see him go on a killing spree with his berserker rage and not a care in the world. Insomniac has already said that the game will have a mature tone and that just makes Bloodshed imminent.

The developers can tone it down a little bit, but the essence of Wolverine’s stories is in the violence. Wolverine needs to have the killer instinct, and the ability to dismember his enemies, and while other superheroes may not digest killing at times, Wolverine is above all that and gets the job done.

4. Different Playstyles and Stealth Gameplay

The game needs to have different playstyles for replayability.
The game needs to have different playstyles for replayability.

Marvel’s Wolverine could employ different playstyles that would allow players to choose how they want to complete a mission. Players being able to choose if they want to go all out on their enemies or just complete the mission in secrecy would make the more interesting and allow replayability. It would be nice to decide as per the situation and how the story proceeds.

Although Stealth is not necessary given the abilities of Wolverine, it still would be a great addition to the gameplay. It’d be interesting to see Wolverine’s abilities in stealth gameplay with his quick movement and brutal kills and also showcase his aggressive nature where he loses control.

3. Number of Costumes To Choose From

Marvel's Wolverine needs to bring several of Wolverine's costumes.
Marvel’s Wolverine needs to bring several of Wolverine’s costumes.

Insomniac Games gave players a variety of costumes in Marvel’s Spider-Man for both Miles Morales and Peter Parker from a plethora of media including comics and films. The developers need to do the same with Wolverine as well and the mutant has had several iconic costumes throughout the years so developers will find it easy to integrate them and a few original designs would be worth seeing. This might seem not as important as some of the other things but different costumes are still an important part of a superhero game.

2. Skill Tree and Upgrades

The game should feature a skill tree with several skills and abilities.
The game should feature a skill tree with several skills and abilities.

The mutant healing factor isn’t the only ability that Wolverine has and Marvel’s Wolverine needs to have a skill tree to bring a variety of abilities to players and they should also be available to upgrade. Some of his other abilities include his ability to grow back certain parts and survive even atomic bombs. He’s also excellent in hand-to-hand combat, sensing abilities, and several others.

The game should bring these and some other abilities for players to unlock and upgrade as they progress through the game. Players must be able to upgrade their claws, increase power in the punches, or even level up senses to track enemies with their heartbeat or footsteps.

1. Powerful Enemies Are a Must

Wolverine has had some iconic enemies through out his tenure.
Wolverine has had some iconic enemies throughout his tenure.

Wolverine is a character who has made several enemies over the years in his long life and he needs to face those enemies in the game. Marvel’s Spider-Man brought major villains from all media to the game and Marvel’s Wolverine needs that treatment as well. Marvel’s Wolverine must feature enemies that make it hard for him to win and they get powerful as players progress through the game.


Only one powerful enemy in the game would not keep players engaged enough and the enemies should not just be defeated with a few extra punches or slashes. The players must have unique abilities or moves to defeat an enemy or else the game might feel repetitive. Some of the enemies that the game needs to bring are Sabertooth, the long-time rival, Hulk, Juggernaut, and several others. It would also be nice if Wolverine gets a partner once in a while to deal with some enemies.

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