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7 Things We Know About The New Christopher Nolan Movie

7 exciting details we know about Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie. As the media broadcasted thoroughly, Nolan’s relationship with Warner Bros. is long over. The latter has rather found itself in a lot of controversies in the past two years. But when it comes to Christopher Nolan and his fame in Hollywood, it is simply unfathomable. His movies such as Inception, Dark Knight Trilogy, Tenet, etc., set him apart from other directors. Whenever there’s news about his upcoming films, it makes waves. So, here’s a list of 7 exciting things we know about Nolan’s upcoming movie after leaving Warner Bros. Check it out!

1. Movie’s Plot

Right off the bat, the main plot of Nolan’s upcoming movie will revolve around the invention of atomic bombs. It could be somewhat of a biopic as it will be based around J. Robert Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist who headed the Manhattan Project.

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2. First Movie Without WB

7 Things We Know About Christopher Nolan New Movie
7 Things We Know About Christopher Nolan New Movie

His departure from the gigantic production house was no less than dramatic. The two-decade-long relationship has come to an end and other production houses are just waiting to get a hold of Nolan. His upcoming will be released via Universal.

3. Theatrical Release

One thing is for sure, Nolan is aware of how much his art is worth. He knows he’s a champion when it comes to cinematic flicks, so his upcoming film too will get a theatrical release. With Tenet, even though it fell short at the box office, it didn’t bother Christopher Nolan.

4. Undivided Attention From Universal

7 Things We Know About Christopher Nolan New Movie
7 Things We Know About Christopher Nolan New Movie

The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Nolan demanded Universal for a strict theatrical release. Moreover, his demands included that no other movie should be released for three weeks for either side of the Oppenheimer biopic.

5. Cillian Murphy Might Lead

According to Deadline, the actor might have a key role in Nolan’s upcoming movie. If we were to reach, then the character and the subject bear a very simial resemblance. Moreover, Murphy Nolan’s working relationship is strong for years.

6. One of a Kind

7 Things We Know About Christopher Nolan New Movie
7 Things We Know About Christopher Nolan New Movie

To make it clear just how important this project is, the story has never been told in cinema. Nolan is known for intelligent films, but he doesn’t shy away from risks as well. While there are one too many World War movies, no one has ever talked about the topic that Nolan is about to touch. This makes him one of a kind. Even the likes of directors such as Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielberg have made movies revolving around World War, but never on this topic.

7. Full Creative Freedom

It’s about time that Nolan does what he does best – be creative. After his breakup with WB, people immediately speculated that the production house must have restricted Nolan in many ways. But it was never confirmed. However, now that he is with Universal, it makes sense that they give him full creative freedom so Nolan can execute every inch of his vision. But it would be safe to assume that his movies with Universal will remain PG-13, which means bloodless fight scenes and little to no use of abusive language. Are you excited about the upcoming Nolan movie? Let us know.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht