7 Video Games That’ll Make Better Movies Than Mortal Kombat

Mr. Buzkill said what he said and it’s seven, I repeat, seven games! That will without a shodow of doubt be far better than any Mortal Kombat movie. Blashephmy! Buzkill understands, fellow reader, because Mortal Kombat is a fantastic videogame franchise with an equally fantastic first movie… That’s sort of fantastic in its own special cheesy action movie way. With a dash of 90’s nostalgia to top it all off. As simple of a premise Mortal Kombat is, it continues to be a fincial flop or flop among critics/fans. The answe to this solution is stop making something so simple into something deeper than what it is. Mortal Kombat is fun but it’ll always be stuck in the B movie category no matter how much money Hollywood throws directors. Instead this article will focus on videogames that have the most potential for talented writers and directors to create some awesome movies. These videogames will primarily be based on translation, in other words how well the game’s story can transfer to the big screen. So the reader may not see some of their favorite mainstream videogames.

Seven Video Games That’ll Make Better Movies Than Mortal Kombat

Master Chief

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Translation score 10/10: Halo may have the easiest translation from game to film out of all games in existence, and that says a lot. Halo can be a straightforward story as long as Hollywood follows the main three videogames and novels. The blueprint is there for all to see come to life. There’s already a huge audience for this franchise, then the bonus of a movie following giant badass super-space Marine that slaughters aliens. Halo, a great character study beneath a sci-fi and action genre.


Translation score 8/10: Three big things are going to make or break this movie. That’s movie rating, CGI, and cast. God of War must have an R-rating, no questions. The effects can be CGI, but used to compliment the practical effects like Jurrasic Park and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Last but not least that’s who plays Kratos. Best four picks for Kratos are actors Sterling K. Brown, Jonathan Majors, Aldis Hodge,and Djimon Hounsou. Not Jason Momoa…

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Translation score 9/10: Splinter Cell has all the makings of a hit series on a popular streaming service or be Christopher Nolan’s next trilogy. Fans of Nolan continue to hold their breath for him to direct a James Bond film, but lets see see the director have his own spy franchise. Something unique, a sexy stealth espionage movie about an agent that kills terrorists in the dark. No wild car chases and explosions. Something that’s pulse raising because the audince don’t to see Sam Fisher the protagnosit to be captured. Danger around every corner in a close quarters area, that’s Splinter Cell.


Translation Score 10/10: This videogame movie is what’s needed during these tough times. We all need a laugh and what’s better than watching a movie about an alien that arrives on Earth during a satircal version of post-Cold War USA. Crypto the alien unleashing his alien weaponary on small American town folks as he searches for his clone that crashed onto Earth during a failed mission. Now it’s up to the foul mouth, hotheaded Alien to conquer Earth and save his clone. If this ever gets created bring back the etire voice acting cast, but have Steve Buscemi voice Crpto.


Translation score 10/10: Without getting into spoilers The Last of Us is a gripping story between two strangers trying to survive during a fungal, parasite-like post-apocalypse that has nearly wiped out humans. AS they (Joel and Ellie) make their jounrey toward West in the hopes of a brighter tomorrow. Luckily fans of the franchise are in for a treat! As the video game has been picked for an Hbo release starring Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie.


Translation Score 10/10: The Western genre has been pretty stale these past few years with only a handful of movies that stick out. Read Dead Redemption is just what the doctor ordered for this genre. It’s compelling it has bank heists, betrayal, cannibals, gunfights, romance, drama and horror. Follow the story of a man that to run thes bloody erands in the Western frontier as an enforcer for the goverment. See if his past life ever catches up with him too.

THE WALKING DEAD (Telltale Games Adaption)

Translation score 9/10: As much of a master piece this videogame’s story is, and has similar elements as The Last of Us as in two strangers (Lee and Clementine) trying to survive during an apocalypse. What holds this back as a perfection translation to the big screen is that videogame is based on the player’s personal decisions and it’s broken down like a TV series. With multiple episodes and four amazing seasons. An individual movie can be 3hrs long broken into chapters. This could be a box office powerhouse. Last of US is great and Telltale’s The Walking Dead is perfect.

Written by Amir Syed

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