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7 Ways Titans Gets Nightwing Wrong

Nightwing is quite possibly the most well-known character in DC Comics, and fans have preferred seeing him in the show Titans. Be that as it may, fans additionally know the distinctions between the comics’ rendition and the show’s adaptation. While a ton of things are adjusted flawlessly from the comics, a few things take an alternate structure for the show.

A portion of these distinctions is somewhat little, for example, who made the Nightwing outfit or how long it took Dick to become Nightwing. In any case, there are likewise bigger contrasts, similar to Dick’s character and his connections. Spoilers for every one of the 3 seasons of Titans follow.

He Wasn’t In Such A Rivalry With Jason Todd

Nighwing: Dick Grayson Vs Jason Todd
Dick Grayson Vs Jason Todd

In the comics, Dick quit being Robin in 1984, and Jason became Robin in 1983. So there was some crossover of two Robins, similar to there is in the show. However, Titans has Dick being so furious, a great deal of that outrage is taken out on Jason.

His Costume Had A Different Designer

Nightwing: Costume
The Costume

In the comics, Dick gives up his outfit to Batman in Nightwing, vol. 1 #1. In the following issue, he’s given his advanced Nightwing outfit by Alfred, with the ensemble having been planned by Harold. Harold was a quiet technician who worked in the Batcave during the 90s and mid-00s. In the show, a man named Stu plans all the Batsuits, and he made Dick’s Nightwing ensemble after a call from Bruce.

Nightwing Had A Real Relationship With Starfire

Nightwing and Starfire
Nightwing and Starfire

Starfire and Nightwing have had a hit or miss relationship in the comics for quite a long time, in any event, being locked in at a certain point. It seemed like the show could head that path, yet there hasn’t actually been something besides a casual sexual encounter.

His Name Came From A Different Place


In the comics, Dick gains a Kandorian hero named Nightwing from Superman. Nightwing collaborated with a legend named Flamebird. In the show, Dick momentarily winds up in jail and knows about a legend that rouses his new superhuman personality.

He’s Not That Brutal

Soft and Caring
His Soft Side

Dick is an exceptionally gifted contender in the comics, similar to Bruce. In any case, he likewise is all the happier in the comics. He also doesn’t let obscurity win out the way that Batman does. In the show, especially prior to season one, Dick is determinedly severe, causing crooks a few intense wounds.

Nightwing Cracks More Jokes

Nightwing’s Smile

Alongside being not so ruthless but rather more carefree in the comics, Dick is additionally bound to tell wisecracks in the comics. It’s not something fans would truly see Batman do, but rather that is important for what separates Nightwing. He’s similarly pretty much as gifted as Batman, yet he plays around with his hero work.

Nightwing Doesn’t Actually Die

Doesn't Die
He Doesn’t Die

After the occasion of ” Forever Evil” in the comics in 2014, Nightwing appeared to kick the bucket after his character was revealed to the world. Be that as it may, as a general rule, he was as yet alive, and Batman set up for him to turn into a specialist of an association called Specter. Dick invaded the association as Agent 37. In the show, Dick is really killed in season 3, however, he’s restored utilizing the Lazarus Pit (similar as Jason was).

Written by Adhish Saxena