7 Wild Batman Fan Theories That Will Scar You For Life

The most popular superhero on the planet, Batman has some crazy Batman fan theories around him as well. These Batman fan theories will give you sleepless nights for weeks.

Batman Killed The Joker In The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke is arguably the greatest Batman comic book series ever made. Alan Moore’s masterpiece saw the Joker kidnap Jim Gordon, torture and sexually assault a wounded Barbara Gordon (leaving her paralyzed from the waist down), and give Batman his colloquial ‘One Bad Day’. At the end of the series, we see the Joker defeated by Batman. The Joker makes one final joke. Both Batman and Joker laugh maniacally. But the final frames show Batman reaching for Joker’s throat. In the end, only Batman is seen laughing. The Joker has gone silent.

The Joker Knows It’s All A Comic Book


Batman Fan Theories do not get more whimsical than this. This theory claims of all the people in the DC Universe, the Joker was the first to realize his reality is actually a comic book. He reaches that conclusion after seeing that people idolize heroes who wear underwear on the outside and are scared of penguin themed criminals. That kind of logic can only work in a fictional, made up universe.

The Robin Protocol Is A Batman Failsafe


It is a well established fact that Batman likes to have a contingency plan for every superhero. But what about batman himself? Fans claim that the contingency plan is Justice League. But other proponents of Batman fan theories say that the real contingency is Robin. It makes all the more sense when you think about it. Only Robin knows the deepest, darkest secrets of Batman. The Dark Knight personally trains Robins in everything he knows. there are so many of them already.

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Batman Is The Real Bad Guy

Evil Batsy

As far as Batman fan theories go, this is the wildest of the lot. Bruce Wayne has enough money to make everyone in Gotham rich and still have enough left to call himself a billionaire. So why does he keep beating up criminals in Gotham? The answer is simple – Bruce is a sociopath who likes beating people up. He intentionally leaves supervillains alive so that they can escape and he could beat them up again. Batman is a sociopath with an intensely powerful God Complex.

Bruce’s Biological Father Is Alfred, Not Thomas Wayne


Batman fan theories can take you on some really crazy rides. This theory for example, states that Alfred is Bruce’s real father. Martha and Thomas Wayne had an affair and Bruce is Alfred’s progeny. That’s the reason Alfred goes to such extents to hep Bruce, his own blood. Another theory claims Alfred had Thomas and Martha Wayne murdered after Martha told Thomas the truth. Now Alfred has sole guardianship of Bruce and control over the Wayne fortune.

Batman’s Greatest Nemesis Is Actually Immortal

Joker – A Metahuman?

He has been drowned, strangled, cut to pieces and dismembered, burned, and electrocuted to death. the Joker keeps coming back out of nowhere. Batman fan theories such as this suggest when the Joker fell into the vat of chemicals that gave him his signature look, it also triggered his metahuman gene. He either is immortal or has a powerful (but albeit slow) healing factor.

Wayne Enterprises Created Gotham’s Supervillains

Gotham Criminals

When Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham after his years long exile, Wayne Enterprises was on the verge of bankruptcy. The moment Bruce became the Batman, Wayne Enterprises suddenly became profitable. Batman Fan theories can be a troublesome lot. This one states that Wayne Enterprises created all these costumed criminals to bring Bruce Wayne back to Gotham. A true Wayne becoming a part of Wayne Enterprises again is all they needed to get back the lost deals and contracts and reinstate faith in the company.

Batman’s Biggest Secret

That is also the reason why Batman, despite facing impossible odds, almost never dies and always saves the day. Wayne Enterprises has ordered the criminals to lose so that Bruce Wayne stays in Gotham as the Batman.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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