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75 Year Old Arnold Schwarzenegger, Who Won Mr. Olympia 7 Times, Only Poses in the Bathroom Now: “Sometimes it makes me cry”

75 Year Old Arnold Schwarzenegger, Who Won Mr. Olympia 7 Times, Only Poses in the Bathroom Now: "Sometimes it makes me cry"

Before dipping his toes in the film industry, Arnold Schwarzenegger quickly became a bodybuilding legend. From winning a few Mr. Universe titles to bringing home a total of seven Mr. Olympia wins, Arnold Schwarzenegger became a role model for anyone interested in working on their physique. He went into acting only and only after he thought he did everything he could with bodybuilding.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger quickly became one of the best action stars of all time with his breakthrough in Conan the Barbarian. Then, of course, there’s no way we can forget him in the Terminator franchise. However, at the age of 75, it goes without saying that things are different for him now. While he still works on his fitness, his goals do not resonate with those of his younger days. In fact, he admits that busting out his bodybuilding poses can make him cry at times.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Emotional About His Body

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger gets emotional about his body

For decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger set the bar for fitness enthusiasts right in the skies. The dedication he had to his physique is quite evident in the many, many titles he has won. After all, it’s not easy being Mr. Olympia seven times, is it? And the fact that Schwarzenegger was never in the bodybuilding industry to make money says a lot about his passion.

Since his bodybuilding journey started sometime in the ‘60s when he was just 15 years old, it goes without saying that Schwarzenegger is well past his prime now. The actor himself agrees with this statement. In an interview for Men’s Health, Schwarzenegger was asked if he still busts out his legendary bodybuilding poses from his past. To this, the former Governor of California replied that while he sure does, he does it in the privacy of his own bathroom. Why? Well, looking at how his body has changed over the years can sometimes make him a bit emotional!

“Yes, but only in the bathroom, because sometimes it makes me cry.”

For what it’s worth, Schwarzenegger does not need to be upset. For years on end, he has inspired millions of people to get out there and unlock their best selves. The man was never just all words, he practiced what he preached and that’s what made him stand out. He still continues to work on his fitness although now, his goals are to stay alive, and healthy, and keep doing movies with ease.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Advice to the Youngsters

Arnold Schwarzenegger trains for Mr. Olympia in 1974
Arnold Schwarzenegger trains for Mr. Olympia in 1974

Schwarzenegger is one of the few who have admitted to using steroids at some point in their lives. However, he now advises the new generation to steer clear of it. He stated that he used steroids under a doctor’s supervision and that his usage was unlike the excess we see today.

“Bodybuilding always, always was considered a safe sport. But now it’s not. Now people are dying—they’re dying because of overdoses of drugs and they don’t know what the f*ck they’re doing. They’re listening to charlatans. If I want to get medical advice from a doctor, I go to UCLA or I go to the Cleveland Clinic.”

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Schwarzenegger stresses the fact that while it’s quicker and easier to take the shortcut, you will regret hurting your body in the long run. Although, he does realize that he probably does not have much credibility on the topic.

“Don’t go there. Yes, we are at a time now where we always look for the easy way to make money, the fast way to get rich, the easy way to be an influencer. Anytime you abuse the body, you’re going to regret it. So I just want young people to know that I have seen people getting kidney transplants and suffering tremendously from it. I recognize the fact that, who am I to say this? This is the guy who climbed without a rope.”

Those are some wise words. Schwarzenegger knows firsthand what it’s like using steroids and how it can come to bite you back later. It’s best if we take the bodybuilding legend’s word on this and not take the shortcut!

Right now, you can see more of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Netflix series, FUBAR.

Source: Men’s Health

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