8 Absolute Cringefest MCU Moments We Need The Neuralyzer To Forget

The eight most cringefest scenes from the entire MCU, that makes fans go crazy due to secondhand embarassment.

8 Absolute Cringefest MCU Moments We Need The Neuralyzer To Forget


  • The MCU has numerous amazing scenes that cannot be topped by any other movie.
  • Despite it, the billion-dollar worth franchise has countless totally cringe scenes.
  • And fans feel the forced all-female led scene from Endgame is the most cringefest from the entire MCU.
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MCU has its fair share of epic scenes that can probably never be topped by any other scenes in the entire history of cinema. However, it also has its fair share of ultimate cringeworthy scenes that are enough to make people shout Oh! My eyes! My eyes! and grab a neuralyzer from the Men in Black universe to have their memories erased.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

While the fans of the billion-dollar grossing franchise are divided among the ‘cringe’ status of most scenes, here are the 8 MCU scenes that the majority agree are the most cringefest, giving us all the ‘ick’.


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8. The Overt Sexualization of Natasha Romanoff

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff

Over the years, Scarlett Johansson‘s titular superhero Black Widow has been a subject of blatant sexualization across the many MCU movies. From her first appearance in Iron Man 2 to the subsequent movies, from her outfits to the camera angles, there have been many instances where the character was sexualized.


This was seen as cringeworthy by multiple fans as her objectification tended to overshadow her capabilities as a brilliant spy and Avenger. However, by the time of her solo movie, things seemed to have gotten a bit better but the intent remained there as many fans stated.

7. ‘Hide the Zucchini’ Dialogue

a still from the scene
A still from the scene

There have been many dialogues that MCU fans have found cringe, for example, Jane’s catchphrase in Thor 4 and nearly every other line of Thor. But these dialogues were meant to cause secondhand embarrassment. However, the ‘playing hide the Zucchini’ dialogue uttered by Iron Man to Black Widow and Hulk in Age of Ultron seemed straight-up crass, cringe, and even unnecessary.


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6. Peter Parker Undressing

the infamous scene
The infamous ‘undressing’ scene

Moments like Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man flirting with female characters or Smart Hulk dabbing in Avengers: Endgame are truly cringe, but they are meant to be cringe to help depict the characters authentically. However, Peter Parker undressing in front of the older seamstress in Spider-Man: Far From Home is what we call really cringe.


Not only is it cringe-worthy, but the scene is also distasteful as many fans stated that had the genders been reversed, there would have been an immeasurable amount of backlash and criticism.

5. ‘What are thoooose’ scene

a still from the said black panther scene
A still from the said Black Panther scene

In the first Black Panther when T’Challa enters Shuri’s lab, Shuri shouts ‘What are those!?’ looking at his footwear. In a world full of memes and cool trends, MCU’s attempt to be relevant was clear miss making the scene more cringe and uncomfortable than funny. Maybe next time MCU should stick to real humor instead of trying to be hip and embarrassing themselves and their actors.


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4. Bruce and Natasha’s Romance

hulk and black widow
Hulk and Black Widow

While some found it funny and awkward or even cute, many Marvel fans hold the opinion that Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff’s romance was completely cringe. Furthermore, the number of awkward scenes between them, like Banner falling on top of Romanoff, with his face into her b**bs in Age of Ultron was not funny at all but rather unpleasant. Their ‘relationship’ might have appealed to the older generation but the new generation of Marvel fans only find it weird.


3. Steve Rogers & Sharon’s Kiss

the infamous kiss scene between rogers and sharon
The infamous kiss between Rogers and Sharon

By the time Rogers and Sharon kissed in Captain America: Civil War Rogers already knew that she was the niece of his first love, Peggy Carter. Although their ‘attraction’ may have begun before he knew her true identity, their perceived relationship was found extremely cringy by numerous MCU fans. Some even called Roger’s action too out of character for a man as ‘noble’ as him.

2. Loki & Sylvie’s Kiss & Relationship

loki and sylvie in a still from the show
Loki and Sylvie in a still from the show

Marvel really seems to have gotten the majority of its relationships wrong. After Natasha-Bruce and Steve-Sharon, Marvel dropped another ill-founded relationship but this time between two variants of Loki, which are apparently two same people but from different universes a different set of organs.


Even though many anticipated that such a feat may take place, the season 1 Loki scene caused quite an uproar among MCU fans. Many of whom even called it scandalous, incest, and disgusting.

1. ‘She is not alone’ scene

mcu's most cringe scene
The MCU’s most cringeworthy scene

The dialogue enough is to explain why this scene from Avengers: Endgame was the most cringfest scene of the entire MCU franchise. When all female superheroes assemble to apparently help ‘Captain Marvel’, it was viewed by many fans, especially the female ones, as completely unnecessary, totally empty, and extremely forced to showcase the agenda of ‘female empowerment’.


Many called it superficial and lacking any genuine feeling, but solely meant for the purpose of propaganda and showing off the MCU as ‘inclusive’ and ‘equal’.

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