8 Actors And Their Bodies Before And After They Joined The MCU


It’s not just acting chops and dashing smiles which can land you a role Marvel Movies. It takes a little more than that to play iconic characters who get love from all walks of generations. We’re talking about the superhero physique which almost every Marvel star had to develop when they got their call from the studios.
Getting in shape is a very demanding job and some people don’t even think about how hard this side work for actors becomes. Your favorite Marvel actors work their ass off and follow strict diets for months and months to achieve the result they want.

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Check out the most impressive transformations of actors in the Marvel Universe who changed their physique, their lives, as well as their careers..


Chris Pratt

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Fans of Chris Pratt remember him from the sitcom Parks and Recreation in which he played the funny character, Andy Dwyer who was silly, funny, and had a pudgy body, like a teddy bear. He entered the MCU with an insanely chiseled Peter Quill of the Guardians Of The Galaxy. Not only did he drop a 70 pounds and pack up a ton of muscle, but Chris Pratt also transformed his image of a funny friend to a team leader of superheroes. He claims to working out for 4 hours daily and following a strict diet based on protein and vegetables and giving up on alcohol completely to get in the right shape of Peter Quill.


Chris Hemsworth

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Chris Hemsworth was a known hunk to the industry. But him landing a role in MCU as the Norse God of Thunder gave a boost to his charisma. Chris Hemsworth is now working out six days a week. However, he claims to put on 20 pounds of more muscle every time he ventures out to lift the hammer for Marvel Studios by eating way more and lifting even heavier weights. Chris had to put on 10kgs of pure muscle in his body, for the latest Avengers movie as his character became a fat drunkard and the directors wanted him to have natural face fat.


Robert Downey, Jr.

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Robert Downey Jr’s career trajectory had taken a downfall in the early 2000s when he was arrested multiple times for drug offenses and cycled in and out of jail. Jon Favreau’s pick to kickstart the MCU, Robert Downey Jr. stayed miles away from fitness. His world changed for good when he got cast for the role of Iron Man which demanded him to get in shape. Playing the superhero gave him an opening to work out his body, which improved his lifestyle in a healthier way. RDJ has reprised his role of Iron Man for a total of 9 times and has been nicknamed the Godfather of the MCU.


Brie Larson


The actress who has won an Academy Award for her role in the movie Room is no stranger to commitment when it comes to acting. The lengths which Brie Larson went to to get into shape for her portrayal of Carol Danvers surprised everyone. She is said to have trained for an hour and a half every day for six months straight followed by a twice-daily workout, 3 months prior to the commencement of the filming. One such workout for her was to push a jeep with 2,000 kg for a whole minute!


Chris Evans


Chris Evans was noticed by Kevin Feige for his role as Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs.The World for which he offered him the role of Captain America. Well, it’s hard to forget Captain Steve Rodgers’ ultimate body transformation in the first Captain America movie when the pod unlocked. Chris spent months training for the role of Cap and getting the jacked look which we see him in and is said to have done a daily extensive weight training to bulk up his frame. Not only did he undergo muscle training, but Evans is also said to have also combined gymnastics and aerobics ton prepare for his role which demanded insane speed and agility.  He played the role with such naturality that it was hard to distinguish the person from the character.


Jeremy Renner

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While he might not have undergone the most drastic body transformation out of the bunch, Jeremy Renner had to ensure that his archery skills physical condition were above par for his portrayal of Hawkeye. Renner apparently trained with Olympic archers to help him with the role and learn combat techniques. Discussing his routine he said, “You get up at four in the morning and work out for eight hours and fight and stretch and do all this stuff because it’s part of your job. But I’m not doing that if I’m not working.”


Chadwick Boseman

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The late actor might not have bulked himself to the size of Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther but was said to have worked off really really hard for the preparation of his role as T’Challa. Boseman was already in good shape but started working out for 4 hours a day to put on the muscle for his character. He learned and practiced capoeira, karate, kung-Fu, and jiu-jitsu to imitate excellent hand to hand combat. Chadwick said, “The physical part is what makes it fun for me and helps me get inside the characters, The spirit of the character is going to begin to come out.”


Paul Rudd

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Paul Rudd did not have a lot of opportunities to show off his ripped form that he worked his ass off to get into. At the age of 46, Rudd indeed did a commendable job to get into his superhero shape. Rudd in an interview said, he simply eliminated everything fun from his life for a year to play the hero. He cut out all carbs, red meat, refined sugar, and alcohol from his diet completely. Having a workout routine of a daily 30 mins run, Paul Rudd said he has always been the kind of person who wants the results without the work.


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