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8 Best Sport Games You Can Play Right Now

8 Best Sport Games You Can Play Right Now

Getting off the couch to do sports is pretty hard. Luckily, we live in the modern age of virtual sports. Here are 8 of the best sports games for this year.


Rocket League

This has become a very popular game, blending in a classic arcade style with vehicular mayhem, as the website puts it. It’s bound to keep you entertained for many hours, offering some truly fun game mechanics and in-game physics. Your goal (see what I did there?) is to simply push and shove a massive playing ball into your opponents net. It’s simple, competitive, and has loads of cars and game modes for you to try.

G o o o o o a l !

Madden NFL

The football fans love this one. This game developed by EA has managed to replicate the thrill of being out in the field, all from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be empowered to play out your very own NFL Super Bowl fantasy, as you rush to make touchdowns or score points. It’s immersive, well developed, and has great haptics to make it feel real. 

High quality graphics make this game look almost real.

Mario Golf

Join Mario and his crew in the vibrant Mushrooms Fields. This is part of the ever growing Mario sport saga. It’s fairly challenging, but equally as fun. Choose from characters, courses, and playing fields. It has easy to learn controls, meaning anyone can get a good swing and the euphoria of a hole in one, or anything similar.  

game reviews mario golf super rush switch review
Why does the golf player bring an extra pair of pants? In case he gets a hole in one.

Rider’s Republic

Rider’s Republic sports some amazing graphics, a completely unique design, and a ton of sports and racing. You can bike, ski, or even glide. Choose from various skins, like a literal dinosaur. Wouldn’t you just love to roll down a massive hill as a hilarious dinosaur? This is a pretty huge multiplayer playground, so get your control ready and get moving. 

download 3
You know you’d love to ride a bike as a dinosaur.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

We couldn’t forget a good skating game. The most recent Tony Hawk game, as expected, has served us quality improvements and game mechanics. Perform awesome tricks and combinations in the third person, explore a big city with a ton of obstacles, or even play in career mode to get a bit of a storyline. It’s a pretty good time consumer and will have you engrossed for quite awhile. 

tony hawks pro skater remaster credit vicarious visions@2000x1270
Don’t disappoint our timeless legend: Tony Hawk.

Forza Horizon 5

This is a modern racer, giving us some of the best graphics and gameplay we could want from 2021. Experience high speed racing in 4K, using a wide selection of all your favorite vehicles. Complete with beautiful environments, you can speed, drift, and compete to your heart’s content. 

capsule 616x353 2
Drift away into your higher car racing self.

Mario Kart 8

This game falls under the racing category, and is great to pass the time with, especially if you have friends to compete with. There’s no achievement quite like leaving them all in the dust. This game has a ton of the classic Mario characters, great rides, boosts, attacks, and race courses, all in the cartoonish style we adore. Regardless of your experience level with this game, you’re sure to enjoy it as it’s fast paced and very addictive.

mario kart 8 deluxe
Despite factually incorrect science, your main DOES determine your personality.


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Written by Emily Shadel