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8 Great Meta Horror Movies Just Like Scream, Ranked

8 Great Meta Horror Movies Just Like Scream Ranked

Every generation has its horror taste which made its way through cinema. Meta horror movies are usually self-aware in which the characters are all aware of the rules to survive the horror. The Meta horror movies came to light in the ’90s with the Scream franchise, which is still one of the sharpest of its kind. So, let’s look at some of the movies of this kind that one should watch after the Scream franchise.

Rubber: Quentin Dupieux’s Rubber is a film that revolves around a murderous car tyre that is hell-bent on exploding the heads of all people who come in its way. He took an absurd and impossible concept for this film. Yet, he amazed the audience with its essence by keeping up with the expectations.

8 Great Meta Horror Movies Just Like Scream

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon- This movie is a creepy mockumentary in which a newbie serial killer follows Leslie Vernon to learn new techniques as he begins his new career as a serial killer. The camera follows him as he plots the murder of his victim, hunts them, and kills them mercilessly. The way he enjoys killing his victims with new techniques gives the viewers chills, which is why it still holds remarkably well.

8 Great Meta Horror Movies Just Like Scream

The Cabin in the Woods: The Cabin in the Woods is a perfect example of a meta-horror movie as it is fun-filled and an excellent refresher, apart from the usual genre of that time. In this movie, a group of teenagers plan to party in the middle of nowhere, which is a cabin in the woods, even after realizing the creepy and mysterious environment of the forests. This movie has its meta-aspect by being aware of another perspective, i.e., being watched by a group of bored scientists via a hidden camera for observation and experiments.

The Ca8 Great Meta Horror Movies Just Like Scream

Fright Night: This movie is about a sex-minded boy who wants to take his relationship to the next level. But, the unfortunate events start when a bloodthirsty neighbor moves to the next door. This movie takes its meta turn when the main character learns to kill the supernatural creature through a television show called ‘Fright Night.’

8 Great Meta Horror Movies Just Like Scream

Shawn of the Dead: It is a zombie movie with comedy and a pinch of strange terror. It involves the outburst of zombies wandering in the streets of the city. When Shawn and his friends realize this, it’s chaos from there.

8 Great Meta Horror Movies Just Like Scream

Funny Games: Michael Haneke’s Funny Games is one of his disturbing films. The movie starts when a family ventures into their summer home for the weekend and meets two teenage boys who make their weekend vacations terrific after a problematic argument.

8 Great Meta Horror Movies Just Like Scream

Happy Death Day: This movie is a time loop, a kind of a slasher one. The story revolves around the protagonist, who finds out that she keeps dying on her birthday and the day keeps repeating infinitely. The first time, she tries to enjoy and make everyone’s life amazing. But she needs to break this loop before she goes mad, and for that, she needs to find her killer.

Finally, It Looks Like There's Some Happy Death Day 3 News At Blumhouse On  The Horizon | Cinemablend

Freaky: It is a horror parody of Freaky Friday in which a teen girl, Millie, switches her body with a killer. Now, Millie is in the killer’s body and tries to convince her friends about the killer in her original body. It’s a type of teen comedy with a horror slasher.

8 Great Meta Horror Movies Just Like Scream

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