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8 MCU Movie Mistakes That Went Almost Unnoticed

Some went unnoticed whereas some were spotted. Here’s a list of mishaps which Marvel Studios made but were hard to catch:

MCU started off their Infinity Saga in the year 2008. They went on to create 23 films in a span of 11 years of which the last one turned out to be the highest-grossing film of history. They set a record when Avengers End Game earned more than $400 million in just a week. Marvel made films that were beyond anything. While they are said to be tailored to perfection, the long time fans have always been fast to notice some minor mishaps in MCU films that otherwise went unseen.

The amount of work each individual puts in the production of an MCU film remains unparalleled. However, those operating behind the scenes of an MCU film are still only human, which means that errors are bound to be made. Whether it was a prop appearing and disappearing between scenes or safety lines holding up the heroes omitted to be digitally erased, it’s not easy to make movies without getting a couple of things wrong.
We’re obviously not here to demean the Marvel Studios for their astounding artwork as only die-hard comic book fans and avid movie watchers have been able to notice these trivial flaws.
Check out 8 mistakes from Marvel Studios which nearly went unnoticed:

Scarlet Witch’s erratic accent

Infinity War: Scarlet Witch's Accent Explained by the Russos | Collider

Scarlet Witch certainly has a long trajectory ahead in the MCU and has by far been of great help to the Avengers. Her character however underwent an alteration of accent since her debut in the Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The Scarlet Witch is said to be a native of Sokovia and was seen with an Eastern European accent during her first appearance. But her accent took got completely transformed when the Russo brothers decided to drop it in the Avengers Infinity War.

Thanos’ skin tone

Before making his appearance in the Infinity War, the Mad Titan appeared in the post-credit scenes of 5 other MCU movies. His complexion however was varied each time and was evidently different from the one we saw in the final two Avengers. Even the radiant blue eye feature which Thanos had in the post-credit scenes was wiped off in his final appearances. Many suggest that the cause was Marvel’s uncertainty about the skin tone of Thanos. They kept changing it until they found the skin color appearing in Infinity War the most suitable.

Spider-Man: Homecoming’s nonsensical time leap

Spider-Man: Homecoming was indeed one of the finest productions from the house of Marvel Studios. The film’s opening scene, however, threw a spanner into the workings of the MCU. The events of the film apparently take place after a span of eight years from The AvengersAssuming the New York Battle which in the official MCU timeline occurred in 2012, makes the plot of Homecoming to be set in 2020. Even the filmmakers admitted this was a mistake on their part.

Cap’s Shield and its varying power level

Captain Steve Rodgers’ shield is made of of of the strongest known metals in the Marvel Comics called Vibranium. With the capacity to absorb shocks of grenades and falls, Cap’s shield has clearly gone through a lot. However, in Captain America: Winter Soldier, the shield seems to be of no good use suddenly when Cap fights with Batroc who is a physically fit but otherwise normal guy. He punches Cap’s shield barehanded which pushes Cap backward instead of sustaining the hit and breaking every bone in his fist.

When exactly was Nidavellir destroyed?

Is the gauntlet on Nidavellir only a form or a real one? - Quora

In 2015, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron had a post-credit scene that showcased Thanos getting hold of the infinity gauntlet. Thanos apparently got the gauntlet made from the realm Nidavellir, the Dwarf homeworld. We learned in Avengers Infinity War that Thanos left Nidavellir killing each and every being except Eitri. The time gap between Nidavellir’s destruction and Thor visiting it is of 3 years. Does that mean Eitri had been roaming about the deserted realm for 3 years with his hands bound in metal that whole time?

What’s Bucky’s year of birth?

In the MCU, the age of the Winter Soldier has been different on three different occasions. In fact, it changed twice in one film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When Cap visits the Smithsonian to view Bucky Barnes’ death tribute, he is visibly upset, as he misses his friend very much. However, he would’ve been even more upset had he noticed the museum put his dear friend’s DOB as 1916 in the first line and 1917 at the end. In the first part of The Avengers, when Steve reads Bucky’s dossier, his year of birth is stated 1922. So is Marvel planning to stick to one year or not?

Stan Lee’s Guardians Vol 2 Cameo Made No Sense

Stan Lee's Marvel-ous Movie And TV Cameos |

We all loved Stan Lee’s cameos in MCU films. In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, Stan Lee’s appearance as an astronaut telling a story to The Watchers of all of his cameos fell out of the timeline. Director James Gunn admitted the mistake and said, “I’ll own up to my mistake because Guardians of the Galaxy 2 theoretically happens in 2014 which is before Infinity War. And Stan Lee in the movie says, ‘That time I was the Fed Ex guy,’ which is what he is in Civil War. I screwed up; I wasn’t thinking, But I’m going to say that probably Stan Lee used the guise of a Fed Ex guy more than one time,” 

Cap’s broken shield fixed in Avengers Endgame

Only an eagle-eyed fan would notice this small disaster Marvel Studios made in the climax of the Infinity saga. After the scene where Thanos uses his infinity blade during his combat with Cap and breaks his shield in half, the studio committed a small error that went unnoticed by many. The broken shield restores to its original state when the dusted heroes arrive through the portals and the team assembles in front of the Mad Titan’s army.


Let us know in the comments below which mistake made by the Marvel Studios was pretty easy for you to catch hold of!

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