8 Mind-bending Movies To See If You Liked Requiem For A Dream

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The movie “Requiem For A Dream” was a big success. The story depicts the horrors faced by four people who have fallen into the traps of drug addiction. As a result, they become delusional and hence end up being vulnerable to tragedies. This movie is dark in its own bleakly manner, and if you’re a fan looking for similar mind-bending films, we’ve got you covered! Here is a must-watch list of movies that you must check out if you enjoyed watching Requiem For A Dream.


Trainspotting: The movie revolves around Mark Renton, a low-life heroin addict. He has some close friends, most of which are also junkies. So the plot is basically him making an attempt to clean up and quit drugs. However, this leads him on a terrible, mind-bending journey, affecting all his relationships.

Trainspotting- mind-bending
Just a journey to being clean? No.

Drugstore Cowboy: Bob, along with his crew, makes small robberies in drugstores and hospitals. They consume the stolen narcotics as well as trade them for other drugs. Their crew is being chased by a detective named Gentry, who is abusive and drunk with power. Along the way, Bob is faced with some incidents that force him to quit drugs and lead a regular life. However, will his part sins allow him to do so?

Drugstore Cowboy- Mind-bending
Tale of a drug-stealing squad

Leaving Las Vegas: Ben Sanderson- a full-fledged alcoholic, lost his family and career. Driven by grief, he decided to visit Las Vegas only to drink till he died. However, in the midst of his suicidal attempt at drinking, he meets a prostitute. They end up having a relationship that ends in nothing but disaster. The mind-bending turn of events will have you hooked.

Leaving Las Vegas- Mind-bending
New beginnings in Vegas

The basketball diaries: This is the story of an American teen boy whose dream is to become a star in the world of basketball. However, he is taken by the influence of drugs. He starts stealing and prostituting himself in order to get money for drugs. Will he come back to sanity? What will happen to his basketball career?

The basketball diaries- Mind-bending
The basketball player for the ruin

Sid And Nancy: Covering the true story of Sid Vicious’s life, the movie depicts the volatile relationship between him and his girlfriend. After the band “Sex Pistols” got separated, Sid tried continuing a solo career. However, his addiction to drugs did not help. Then, one morning he found his girlfriend stabbed to death. Did he kill her?

Sid And Nancy- mind-bending
The mind-bending story of the bassist in Sex Pistols

The Panic In Needle park: A group of addicts hangs out in Needle Park, one of them being Bobby. He is a dealer who met Helen. They fell in love with each other; however, their passion for heroin was far more deepened. This resulted in all sorts of toxic turns in their relationship.

The Panic In Needle park
The love for people is more than the Love for heroin

Pi: A genius mathematician builds a super-computer at his home that can supposedly figure out the key of all existence via numbers. When the whispers begin, different firms try nasty tricks to lure him into working with them.

The master mind

The wrestler: A well-known wrestler of his time finally comes to terms with the fact that he needs to retire and start a new life outside the ring. While he begins to explore all the things he could do other than fighting, the world of wrestling calls him back in. He gets an offer to fight his past nemesis for one last time after decades. This fight may get him in the limelight again.

The wrestler
Back to light



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