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8 of the Most Peculiar Devil Fruits Eiichiro Oda has Introduced in One Piece

Most peculiar devil fruits ever introduced in One Piece

8 of the most peculiar devil fruits eiichiro oda has introduced in one piece


  • The strangest devil fruits in one piece such as Jacket-Jacket, Cream-Cream and etc
  • These devil fruits are one of the biggest threats to the World Government in the anime
  • The mythical Zoan Devil Fruits are the strongest Devil Fruits in One Piece.

One Piece is one of the most remarkable pieces of fiction ever made and continues to grow despite being over two decades old. The series’ storyline is one of the most amazing, and the depth of the characters and story is also very peculiar.

Worst Generation
Worst Generation In One Piece

One of the primary reasons for the story’s success is the concept of devil fruits. Upon consuming them, the user gets powers and can use them according to his suitability. However, throughout the long run, Oda sensei has also introduced some of the most undesirable and weirdly devil fruits. Today, we will examine eight of the most strange devil fruits ever introduced.

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8 Most Peculiar Devil Fruits ever introduced in the series

1: The Cream-Cream Fruit

Cream-Cream Devil Fruit
Charlotte Opera using his powers against Luffy

One of the strangest yet most broken devil fruits introduced in the series, the Cream-Cream fruit allows its user to emit an enormous amount of cream, which can be used to suffocate opponents. Kuri Kuri no Mi is currently used by Charlotte Opera, who even used his tentacles made up of cream to attack Luffy.

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2:The Bis-Bis Fruit

charlotte cracker
Charlotte Cracker using his devil fruit powers

The Bisu Bisu no Mi allows the user to manipulate matter according to his desires. At first glance, it seems like a unique and terrifying ability, but there is a significant drawback. For the power to work, the matter needs to be a biscuit.

Charlotte Cracker used this power against the straw hats; however, despite their size, in the end, they were all just biscuits and, therefore, couldn’t do much damage.

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3:The Hor-Hor Fruit

Emporio Ivankov
A still from One Piece anime

Horu Horu No Mi devil fruit allows the user to manipulate the hormones inside the body, giving an instant boost in strength, speed, and attacks. Emporio Ivankov uses this devil fruit, and we can see how terrifying the devil fruit is.

4:The Garb-Garb Fruit

Kin’emon using his devil fruit powers

The Garb-Garb fruit, also known as Fuku Fuku no Mi, allows users to create clothes; however, ignoring this ability as something worthwhile would be a good idea. It can be used to create clothes that can be used during fights, infiltration, and many other things.

The only major drawback of the power is that it comprises materials available nearby, such as rocks and leaves; if there are none, it is not valid.

5: The Flower-Flower Fruit

Hana Hana no Mi is the devil fruit that has been consumed by the strawhat member Nico Robin, who uses her power to sprout some parts of the body from the ground that are enormous in size and deal a lot of damage.

Nico Robin
Nico Robin from One Piece

The ability has come in handy many times throughout the story; however, the fans do not like its appearance.

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6:The Bubble-Bubble Fruit

A still from One Piece anime

The bubble-bubble fruit might have been the most broken devil fruit if it had not had a significant drawback. This devil fruit allows its user to emit many bubbles, which will clean, and by cleaning, it means washing away your powers.

However, since there is a lot of air, the bubbles Kalifa creates are usually blown away by the wind or fail to reach the target.

7:The Jacket-Jacket Fruit

Kelly Funk
Kelly Funk the owner of Jacket-Jacket devil fruit

At a glance, the jacket-jacket fruit might not have been the best devil fruit; however, its abilities are very broken. It allows the user to transform into a jacket that humans or other species can wear.


It also allows the user to control the powers and abilities of the person wearing the jacket.

8:The Ancient Zoan Fruits

Zoan Devil Fruit user
Usage of ancient Zoan devil fruit

This devil fruit allows its user to turn to distinct animals from the past, such as dinosaurs, while simultaneously giving them surreal durability, attack potency, etc. The Zoan fruits are essential and rarely found devil fruits, but they have many powers.

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