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8 Pixar Movie Sequels Fans Are Desperate To See In Theaters

8 Pixar Movie Sequels Fans Are Desperate To See In Theaters

Movies like Toy Story, Brave, and Wall-E pierced through the hearts of audiences globally and became a huge Pixar success. Over the decades, Pixar has surfaced as one of the most renowned animated studios. For years, it has delivered intriguing and bounding stories that are the perfect watch for everyone. This also creates a buzz around for their new upcoming projects. But one other thing that is singular to Pixar is the frequency of prequels and sequels of popular movies. However, Let’s look at some of the most awaited Pixar movie sequels.

The Circus Bugs go on a new adventure

A Bug’s Life narrates a bug who meets a group of circus bugs. He thinks these circus bugs are warriors and try to take revenge on a group of grasshoppers with their assistance. This was the second movie released by Pixar back in 1998 and, within a few days, was a major hit. And certainly, fans have been waiting for too long now to see more adventures of their favorite bug. 

Pixar movie sequels.

A Sequel To Adventures Of Remy

Few might have forgotten the name of the famous rat, Remy, but everyone remembers Ratatouille. The movie was released in 2007 and scaled the heights of success within several days. The story line narrates an interesting friendship between Remy and the untalented chef Linguini. There are various speculations and also fan theories on the sequel of the movie. 

Pixar movie sequels.

The Musician Who Nearly Died – Soul

Pixar’s latest movie was released in 2020 and narrated the story of a musician who nearly died. Musician Joe could not accept his death and go to Great Before. Here he met a soul named 22, with whom he tried learning the meaning of life. Soul also has a broad scope of a sequel with a singular plot-line.

Pixar movie sequels.

A sequel to Incredibles 2

Pixar movie sequels of various movies are anticipated by fans. And in this list, one certainly cannot miss The Incredibles. Just like its first part, Incredibles 2 also ended with a significant cliffhanger leaving fans for more of it. Considering that it took nearly 14 years to release part 2 of the movie, fans must not be expecting a third part anytime soon.


Pixar’s Latest Release The Luca

Luca was released only a few months ago. It narrates the story of Luca and his friend Alberto. They both are sea monsters disguised as humans trying to co-habit in a town of humans. A sequel of the movie can narrate more adventures of the two friends.


The Story of Riley’s Emotions in Inside Out

The audience’s interest was highly piqued with the release of Inside Out in 2015. The movie sheds light on the life of 11-years-old Riley and her emotions of anger, fear, disgust, joy, and sadness. All these emotions are represented as characters and how they jumble around in Riley’s mind. Fans are eagerly waiting for a sequel to be released any time.  

Pixar movie sequels.

More of Fantasy in Onward’s Sequel

Two brothers, Ian and Barkley, set on a journey to reunite with their father (Wilden), who passed away before Ian’s birth. Released in 2020, Onward gave a glimpse of Pixar’s whole new world. It is speculated that a sequel will narrate the story of Wilden’s life as a wizard.


The Anticipation Around Princess Merida

In 2012, Pixar released its immensely popular Brave that narrated the rebellious story of Merida. Merida accidentally turned her mother into a bear, which set a series of happenings. Ever since 2012, fans of Merida have been waiting for a sequel. 


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