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8 Reasons Why Kirby’s Adventure Holds Up After 30 Years


Kirby’s Adventures was initially released in 1993 in Japan, America, and the PAL. The game is a classic and is still highly popular. Kirby’s Adventure was designed by Masahiro Sakurai and published by Nintendo

PS NES KirbysAdventure
Kirby’s Adventure Box Art ©Nintendo

The Game is Fun to Play

Kirby’s Adventure is a 2D side-scrolling platform game, with gameplay similar to that of its predecessors. The game is fun to play and has an interesting in-game storyline. In the game, players reunite pieces of a broken rod that Kirby thought was stolen for bad intentions. 

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The Enemies Have Interesting Powers

The enemies in Kirby’s Adventure possess interesting powers that perfectly flow into the gameplay. Whenever an enemy whose power can be absorbed by Kirby shows up, you know that there will soon be an interesting puzzle in the level that utilizes that power to make the most enjoyable experience possible. 

Kirby’s Adventure Instruction Manual showing how to absorb enemies ©Nintendo

The Basics of the Game Are The Same 30 Years Later

Since its initial release in 1993, the basics of Kirby’s Adventure haven’t changed. This makes the understanding of other Kirby games more simple and easy to figure out. This provides the players with nostalgia while playing the game. In sum, it satisfies Nintendo fans with its relative gameplay. 

Kirby’s Adventure Cartridge ©Nintendo

The Levels Are Fun To Traverse

The game’s many levels allow in-game exploration, improving the quality of the game. The levels are fun, and simple to travel across. This improves the gameplay and the level of enjoyment when playing the game. 

Level 2 Hub of Kirby’s Adventures ©Nintendo

The Bosses Are Enjoyable to Fight

The bosses in Kirby’s Adventures are interestingly designed and finetuned in difficulty. This makes fighting the game’s bosses more enjoyable, with just the right amount of difficulty. This overall improves the game’s quality. 

hqdefault 1 1
Whispy Woods Boss Fight ©Nintendo

The Graphics Are Timeless

The graphics in this game are classic and haven’t changed much since the game’s initial release, even in remasters. The simple graphics make the game easier to focus on and follow. This also provides players, and long-time Nintendo fans, with nostalgia from Nintendo’s early days. 

H2x1 WiiUVC KirbysAdventure image1600w

The Game Has a Pick-Up and Play Nature

The game is easy to play and easy to set up. This creates the “pick up and play” nature. The simple nature of the game provides players with a more overall enjoyable experience and increases its popularity. 

Kirby’s Adventure Save Screen ©Nintendo

It is Quick to Beat

The game is simple and quick to beat. This makes the game more enjoyable and natural. This helps the player in the way that they don’t have to spend hours, or even days, trying to beat the game. This provides players with a more enjoyable experience. 


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Written by Trinity Fulkroad