8 Reasons Why Mario 64 Still Holds Up After 25 Years

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Mario 64 is an unforgettable game, giving many of us nostalgia for the older days of Nintendo. Despite the dozens of new and improved games the franchise has released, this game still remains a gem. 


The Nintendo 64 Turned 25 Today in North America, and to Celebrate We Are Covering the Best Games of the N64


Super Mario 64’s Box Art ©Nintendo

Levels are Iconic

Levels in Mario 64 are zany and easy to appreciate with different ambients, scenery, and courses. Many levels have been so entertaining that they are easily recognized and held as a high standard for other games in the franchise.

Bob-omb Battlefield in Super Mario 64 ©Nintendo

Mario’s Move Set is Unrivaled

It’s no surprise that Nintendo’s first open-world Mario game is packed with new moves. Players are able to perform actions in land, water, and air. This unlocks great potential for problem solving and coordination. You are challenged to collect coins and stars throughout the game to find your own path. 

An explanation of how to long jump in the original Mario 64 instruction manual. ©Nintendo

Fun and Engaging Platforming

It was a groundbreaking change to the Nintendo world, allowing players more freedom and the ability to decide where to go. Be ready to walk through terrains and never-before-seen challenges, including moving platforms, and lots of dangerous creatures that will try to get in your way.


Bowser in the Dark World ©Nintendo

Unique Level Structure

Not many games are capable of keeping players engaged from start to finish. Super Mario 64 does an exceptional job, offering players fun and interactive biomes. The game is full of new obstacles that keep you feeling challenged. It’s hard to come by gameplay with a unique level structure that will satisfy your gaming needs as well as this one.

Cool Cool Mountain ©Nintendo


Laid the Groundwork for Future Entries

Super Mario 64 could be considered a revolutionary step in the gaming industry. It laid out a path for new concepts and ideas. This game not only became a gleaming success among a line of achievements but also provided the groundwork for other generations of Super Mario products.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars ©Nintendo



Rewarding Level Progression

Each level is designed to seamlessly challenge players through a series of prompted gameplay. Missions are fun and rewarding. You’ll feel great about beating a new challenge and advancing towards your star. Rewards are always motivating and keep you playing. The more you advance, the harder and more enjoyable it will be. 


Bob-omb Battlefield Star Select Screen

Most Enjoyable Bowser Fights in the Entire Mario Series

There’s no argument against it: everyone looks forward to a worthy boss fight. Bowser is a staple in the Mario series, and a popular figure. This means you will more than likely be surprised by the Bowser fight that Mario 64 was able to provide. Keep your guard and try to keep up!

Bowser in the Sky ©Nintendo


Enjoyable and Engaging Missions

Mario is well known for their creative worlds and obstacle courses. Mario 64 introduces missions, which players are able to complete for stars. It allows for pleasant advancements that continue further into the world. Each mission is different, so you can be sure that you will be receiving something new each time. 


Koopa the Quick Race #1 ©Nintendo

Amazing Music by Koji Kondo

Mario music is globally recognized and is a large part of popular internet culture. It aids in the narration of events within the game and creates the right environment. The music inside Mario 64 does not fall short, giving you awesome instrumentals to accompany your gameplay. Make sure to appreciate the work of Koji Kondo, the creative mind behind the sounds of this iconic game. 


Mario 64 Composer Koji Kondo




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Written by Emily Shadel

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