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8 Things From MCU Phase 1 That Are Pretty Much Irrelevant Today

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is moving only forward with new movies and shows. And for that reason, many of their elements from Phase 1 seem to have grown outdated over time. MCU Phase 1 introduced us to a whole new powerful universe onscreen. Over the decade, we saw many exciting stories and strong characters. Some of them became popular overnight and some of them seemed insignificant. Thus, as MCU has introduced us to a bunch of new things on Phase 4, we thought of finding out the things from Phase 1 of the franchise that are pretty irrelevant today.

The look of the early Thor of MCU Phase 1 seems to be criticized by some of the fans. Many among the huge crowd who are obsessed with MCU liked his overall look in Thor: Ragnarok. However, some of them who returned to the first movie noted the noticeable change in Thor’s eyebrows.

The story of The Incredible Hulk from MCU Phase 1 depicted Bruce to struggle, while he tried to suppress his powers rather than take charge of them. Although, by the end of the film, he seemed to have figured it out. However, the future movies of MCU decided to retcon it. He seemed to develop a stronger fear of transformation and was even seen losing control on multiple occasions.

After the arrival of Black Widow aka Natasha in Avengers and Iron Man 2, fans have been expecting MCU to create a film based on her. However, this film wouldn’t release until more storyline was introduced in several other films of Marvel. Fans were disappointed to see how the storyline depicted her character in a poor way. The story seemed pretty irrelevant now that she is dead.

MCU Phase 1

Loki is recognized as one of the memorable antagonists in the history of MCU. He being the main villain during the first Avengers movie made sense to the fans. But the other villains seemed like the side characters profiting off of Tony Stark.

MCU Phase 1

The Incredible Hulk is one of the movies but it left some things unanswered. After the separation of Betty Ross and Bruce, Betty left MCU. Moreover, Mr. Blue (also known as Samuel Stern) was found infected by Bruce’s blood and was never seen again.

MCU Phase 1

MCU Phase 1 illustrated Thanos as a weaker character as all he could do was sit in his chair and let other people do his job. He didn’t have the same appeal as he does in Avengers: Infinity War. On the other hand, the visual effects of a far too bright purple weren’t pleasing either.

During the early movies of MCU, Thor promised to come back to Jane, but later the story went in another direction. The chemistry between them in the first film seemed insignificant and difficult to get invested in.

MCU Phase 1

The portal in the sky seems like a typical climax of every superhero movie. The fans of MCU find this reference writing as The Avengers wasn’t the first movie to use it. And since the portal in the sky was already exposed in other movies, fans struggle to go back to Phase 1 and actually enjoy it.

So that was pretty much about the things from MCU Phase 1 that seem pretty irrelevant today. Tell us if there are other things you find irrelevant from the early movies.

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