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8 Times The Walking Dead Let Us Down With Insanely Cringe Scenes

8 Times The Walking Dead Let Us Down With Insanely Cringe Scenes

With the new spin-off of the series being announced, The Walking Dead world is expanding. The show has had 11 seasons and 164 episodes. The post-apocalyptic series, tell us the story of survivors thriving to live in a world taken over by zombies – The Walkers. The survivors have formed different groups, and these groups confront each other. Each of them, after the fall of modern civilization, has set their own rules and morals. This leads to conflicts. The first few seasons of the series were great but it slowly began to dwindle. Throughout its run period, the show has given the fans a number of amazing and rewatchable moments. But there are certain scenes in the show that made us cringe. And are too hard to watch.

1. Still

Daryl and Beth in Still in Walking Dead
Daryl and Beth in Still

In the fourth season of the series, the show focuses on the deadly flu that breaks out in prison and kills a number of people. In the 12th episode of the season – Still is one of the most cringe episodes of the Walking Dead series. This episode focuses on Daryl and Beth. The two explore the woods, after escaping the prison, and come across a country cabin. The two sit together and share personal information. The episode adds nothing to the plot and there is no prior chemistry between the characters. The two getting drunk and setting a cabin on fire is all the episode was about and it definitely wasn’t needed.

2. The Romance between Henry and Lydia

The Romance between Henry and Lydia
The Romance between Henry and Lydia

There are certain couples in the show that really do share chemistry together but some just seemed to be forced into the plot. One of the forced ones was the romance between Henry and Lydia. In season 9, when Rick proposes to build a bridge for trade, it only brings more misery. The storyline of Henry and Lydia was almost unnecessary. Especially, when it had already been established a few times that Henry liked Enid. In fact, his love for Enid was the reason he was in Hilltop jail. That’s where the two meet and Henry magically forgets Enid and starts loving Lydia. It only causes disaster.

3. Judith in the Ninth Season

Judith in the Ninth Season
Judith in the Ninth Season

In the earlier few seasons of The Walking Dead, we see Judith as a young kid. Judith is the daughter of Lori and Shane. Rick adopts her after her birth. The fans loved to watch Judith as a young child. But a six years time skip occurs in season 9 and a grown-up version of the character is introduced to us. And not just that, she replaces her father and brother to become the spotlight. At first, the character seemed cool, but with time she turned into a cringe character. Her dialogues were badly written and her attitude became too cringe to watch.

4. Negan and The Saviors

Negan and The Saviors in Walking Dead
Negan and The Saviors

By the time the sixth season came out, the series had almost used up all of its source material. And now the crew was struggling to bring back the previous glory of the show. But instead, they did something that made us cringe. Season six introduces Negan and his group – The Saviors.  The crew and advertisers created a huge hype about them. Bu the more the fans got to see them the more cringe-worthy they became. Negan and his Saviors are presented as extortionists that Alexandria and others must defeat to trade supplies with the Hilltop clan. The dialogues and the attitude of the Saviors get worse as they get more screen time.

5. Jadis and Her Speech Pattern

Jadis and Her Speech Pattern in Walkindg Dead
Jadis and Her Speech Pattern

In season 7, the show introduced us to another gang, just as bad as the Saviors. The seventh season focuses on the revolt against Negan who had made Rick surrender in the previous season. The tenth episode of the season introduces the Junkyard Gang. The group is led by a female named Jadis – who has a weird haircut and a weirder way of talking. Jadis only spoke words that she considered were important enough to convey her message without having to talk in full sentences. Yes, it is as cringe as it sounds. Maybe the creators wanted to be funny but it only let down the fans.

6. Ezekiel’s Proposal to Carol

Ezekiel's Proposal to Carol
Ezekiel’s Proposal to Carol

Bad love stories kind of rule this list, as The Walking Dead in an attempt to add romance to its plot, made some really bad ones. One of the least believable and cringe worth love stories in the series has to be between Ezekiel and Carol. And the fans were more than glad that their romance was over. Whatever the reason behind introducing this storyline was, it was something the fans did not at all need. And the proposal scene has to be the worst of the entire storyline. When Carol turns down Ezekiel the fans couldn’t help but cringe.

7. Rick Falling for Jessie

Rick Falling for Jessie Walking Dead
Rick Falling for Jessie

Yes, another cringe-worthy romance of the series was the storyline where Rick falls in love with Jessie. In the sixth season, before Rick is captured by the Negan, a forced romance story is added to the plot. And Jessie is married at the time when she meets Rick in season 5. Rick falls in love with Jessie and this makes him take some of the worst decisions in his life. Whatever the reason might be behind introducing the storyline. It was one of the biggest let down for fans in the series.

8. Speeches by Rick

Speeches by Rick in Walking Dead
Speeches by Rick

In the 11 season run of The Walking Dead series. a number of creators have taken over the series. But the one that really turned the show bad was Gimple took over the show in Season four. Rick Grimes is the protagonist of the series and inherently needs to deliver some motivational lines. But during Gimple’s run of the show, Rick delivered some of the most cringe-worthy and hilarious speeches on survival. The fans were completely let down and only want to forget those speeches ever happened.

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