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8 Tips for New League of Legends Players

LOL is a massive MOBA game, with nearly 150 million registered players worldwide. It has brought together a massive community and has even released the newest Netflix series: Arcane. If you’ve decided to join this adventurous game, you may want a few beginner tips to help you along. Here are 8 tips for new League players. 


Have Fun Playing

If you recently joined League of Legends, you’ll find that learning a bit about a new game can be overwhelming. Remember to allow yourself some space to make mistakes, and have fun, regardless of your skill level to begin with. 

Although hit’s complex, you can have a ton of fun on LOL.

Change Abilities to Quick Cast

This is a simple settings change that may give you smoother gameplay. It allows you to use QWERTY keys for your abilities, making them easier to access. You can always turn this setting off if you end up disliking it, but it might help you in the long run.

QWERTY keys will make your gameplay just that much smoother.

Turn on XP

The game does not automatically have this function on. Make sure to switch it so that you are aware of whether you are in the XP range of minions, so you can safely retreat and play safe if you need to. 

Access your interface settings to turn on Experience.

Practice CSING

Gaining XP from killing minions is extremely beneficial and may help you defeat the enemy. Practice doing this in practice mode as much as you can, so you are able to further your skills and bring your moves out to play during a real match. 

Practice makes perfect.

Use CTRL to Upgrade Abilities

It’s quite easy to upgrade your abilities in-game with a few mouse clicks. However, you can use the CTRL shortcut, and then simply click on the ability you want to upgrade for faster access during battles. 

This is a quick toggle that will make it easier to play.

Mute Chat If You Need To

It’s important as a new player to understand that your teammates may not always be friendly. Give yourself the time to learn, and mute toxic chats if they seem to be bringing you down. Simply type “/mute all” in the chat box, and don’t be afraid to pull this out whenever you need it.

Ignore toxic players by muting,

Stick to Only a Few Champions

League has a ton of champions to offer, such as the ones from Arcane, and you will most likely get the chance to try them all in due time. Try not to get too excited, and instead start off with a few so you are able to learn the game appropriately without having to adapt to new champion skills for each game. 

You’ll find your favorite champion through first improving your gameplay skills.

Learn a Role

There are 5 roles to choose from, from top lane, bottom lane, bot lane, jungler, and support. It’s fun to try each at least once, but be sure to stick to one to begin with. Remember, you can always switch roles if you’re not happy with the one you’ve been performing, and doing so will help you decide on the position you like best. 

Switch between roles once you’re comfortable with one.

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Written by Emily Shadel