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8 Times TV Characters Got Happy Endings But Didn’t Deserve It

8 Times TV Characters Got Happy Endings But Didnt Deserve It

There are some TV characters which are so creepy to the core but always end up being happy without facing any consequences. We literally pray that they shouldn’t end up being happy but can’t help it. Here are 8 instances where TV characters got happy endings though they didn’t deserve it.

1. Ross Geller in F.R.I.E.N.D.S – There are a lot of people who love Ross, but he literally sucked. He was so dominating, anti-gay, and always controlled Rachel. It didn’t go well with many people. However, it is great to see Rachel happy, but it should have been with someone else.

2. Fleabag in Fleabag – Fleabag had been a jerk to the people around her, and she even ignored the limits that the priest set with her. She was not even guilty for her actions and did not face its consequences. Also, Fleabag and her sister got friendly, and she was invited to her dad’s wedding. Why do good things always happen to bad people?

3. Walter White in Breaking Bad – Walter White was the reason for everything that happened, and his plans went out smoothly without any jerk, including his death. There’s literally nothing he struggled for. He shouldn’t have deserved it so easily in the end.

4. Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Dairies – I still feel bad for Elena for ending up with Damon. He’s just a bad person, and instead, Elena should have ended up with Stefan. Damon turned Elena into a vampire even though she didn’t agree for it, and he was always mad for Elena, which is a sign of toxic behavior.

5. Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City – Carrie was the lead of the series, and she sucked big time. She didn’t seem to have any character arc and was so lazy and selfish the entire series.

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Carrie has a great style game though

6. Michael Scott in The Office – Michael is another example of ‘Nice things always happen to bad people?’ He never faced the consequences for being an absolute douchebag, and he also ends up with Holly.

7. Angela Martin in The Office – As much as I love The Office, I hate Angela Martin. She’s just rude, arrogant, judgemental, and narcissistic throughout the series. She doesn’t deserve a happy ending at all!

8. Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones – I had a bit soft corner for Sansa as she suffered, but it doesn’t balance the mistakes she committed. She is a selfish, spoiled brat, and brainless woman till the end of the series. Sadly, she went on becoming the queen.

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