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8 Useless Tropes We Want Superhero Movies To Stop Following

Superhero movies have been in the trend for a while. In fact, it is one of the most popular and followed genres of the past decade. People love to watch superhero movies and it has dominated the box office for a while now. And the feat could continue for a while now judging by the excitement fans have for the upcoming films.

But just like some of the other popular genres, superhero movies, too, have started following some cliche tricks. And fans are slowly getting tired of watching them. Here are a few useless tropes that superhero movies would do good without. And should stop following them instantly.

1. Origin Stories are almost Unnecessary

Origin Stories are almost Unnecessary in superhero movies
Origin Stories are almost Unnecessary

With superhero movies becoming more of a mainstream genre, superheroes like Ant-Man have become the talk as well. There was a time when the audience wanted to know the origin story of the superheroes but now it has become unnecessary. A small introduction is enough for the fans to understand where the hero comes from. Dedicating entire movies to it does not make much sense anymore.

2. Heroes and Villains are similar

Heroes and Villains are similar in superhero movies
Heroes and Villains are similar

Many popular Superhero franchises often struggle with making a compelling villain. A villain that is good enough and has a different story of his own. But franchises in an attempt to create good villains end up making villains who are similar to the superheroes with just bad choices. Although MCU has somewhat overcome this trope all franchises still follow it and need to stop.

3. Fight among the Good Guys

Fight among the Good Guys in superhero movies
Fight among the Good Guys

Another useless trope that superhero movies need to let go of is making heroes fight among each other. Almost no movie is complete where the team of superheroes is divided in opinion. The Avengers started the trend where the heroes had ego clashes. But now it is quite a trend. Almost overused. In fact, it has movies entire based on it like Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War. But now we want our heroes to get along.

4. A lot of Destruction

A lot of Destruction is an useless trope
A lot of Destruction

One of the worst things that happen in superhero movies is the amount of destruction that is caused in the hero vs villain battles. The movies casually show buildings being destroyed, cars blasted, and maybe even casualties. Whenever the heroes tried to save the world, they caused a lot of destruction. Hope some savings can be done without it.

5. Fridging is overused at this point

Fridging is overused at this point in superhero movies
Fridging is overused at this point

The term fridging is for killing off the love interest of the hero. It is so overused now that the fans have become immune to it. Superhero movies, just to add an emotional arc, kill off the hero’s partner. It began from the comics and slid into movies. Now it needs to stop. One of the recent examples would be Deadpool 2. Just to give the character a transformation they killed a female character.

6. Villains who care about the Environment

Villains who care about the Environment in superhero movies
Villains who care about the Environment

At first, when we saw this trope, where a madman killed people in the belief he was doing a greater good, it seemed okay. But now, it has been used so many times that the fans are done with it. Villains like Thanos from the Avengers movies and the Aquaman villain, Ocean Master, are some of the recent examples of this trope, not just being boring but also hilarious.

7. Evil Armies with no Face

Evil Armies with no Face in superhero movies
Evil Armies with no Face

With movies where the heroes team up together becoming a trend, the superhero movies make them fight huge armies of villains. While it was fun to watch the first few times, the fans now want the heroes to stay focused on the real villain. Though the heroes get to beat up the bad guy, it is exhausting to watch that and wait for the real fight, heroes versus the superstrong villain.

8. Superheroes being Overpowered

Superheroes being Overpowered in superhero movies
Superheroes being Overpowered

Overpowered superheroes are the concept that was loved back in the day. The modern audience prefers heroes that are flawed and can relate to at some level. A superhero who can take down the villain in a single blow is no more fun to watch. DC has always struggled with it when it comes to Superman and now Marvel is facing it with Captain Marvel.

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Written by Gargi Mishra

I am Gargi Mishra, an aspiring filmmaker. I look at the world through the viewfinder and love to study films. Write them and write about them.