8 Villains We Want to See in MCU’s Spider-Man 4 and Beyond

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We’re done with MCU’s first Spider-Man trilogy. Now the announcement for the next one hasn’t been officially made yet. But after the enormous success that all 3 of these films have got at the Box Office, we’re certain that Spider-Man isn’t going anywhere from the MCU. He’s here for the long haul and Sony will collaborate with Disney for another trilogy without a doubt! We’ve seen plenty of small and big-name villains in the first trilogy, so now it’s time for some new faces to show up from Spidey’s extensive Rogues Gallery. Here are the villains that could appear in MCU’s Spider-Man 4 and beyond.



Wilson Fisk just made his MCU debut in Hawkeye and we’re pretty certain that he’s not dead! It was even hinted that he’s an enhanced individual and not a regular human. So, that might allow him to survive that point-blank gunshot. After following Spider-Man through space, Europe, and multiversal catastrophes, it’d be nice to have a grounded story where Peter takes on organized crime in New York. The Kingpin would prove to be a great antagonist for that and he’d also allow a Spider-Man-Daredevil team up!


Mr. Negative

Sony’s PS4 Spider-Man game explored Mr. Negative as one of the Sinister Six. But it would make so much sense for him to be the big bad villain of Spider-Man 4. Kingpin will appear in Echo, and he might have a role to play in MCU’s Daredevil series too. So, by the time we’d get to Spider-Man 4, Kingpin may have been overused. But we’ve never seen a villain like Mr. Negative attempted in a live-action movie, so the MCU fans will get to rejoice in some uniqueness with Martin Li.


MCU’s Spider-Man 4 Villains

If you’re not happy with the two aforementioned choices, then I’ve got Scorpion for ya! He is an unfulfilled promise since Homecoming. It’s about time that Mac Gargan shows up to take his revenge from Spider-Man. Maybe he isn’t as big a personality to be the lone big bad villain. So we could have Kingpin hiring him as his muscle in Spider-Man 4. Kingpin’s resources is where Gargan might get his Scorpion suit too.



Venom Sony

Eddie Brock was sent back to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe but he left a bit of Venom goo in the MCU. Cletus Kasady bit Eddie and got a bit of Venom in his system. He ultimately turned into Carnage. So this symbiote left in the MCU could also grow and become its own entity as it changes hosts. And it would surely reach out to Spider-Man as that’s what Eddie Brock was going to do right before he was pulled out (Hive knowledge). So, by the time Spider-Man fights Kingpin or Mr. Negative, Venom, or a new Symbiote threat could emerge for part 5. Or maybe he could take on Spidey in part 4, and the other Rogues could come later.



Ned promised Peter that he won’t turn into a bad guy and try to kill him. Maybe that was the setup we needed for his transformation into Hobgoblin. After the memory wiping spell, Peter promised both Ned and MJ that he’d come and find them. But he decided to let them be. So once Ned finds out about how a big chunk of his life’s memories were altered, he could break bad from there on out. He could turn into Hobgoblin. I believe Spider-Man 5 would offer the perfect opportunity for that.

Kraven the Hunter and Chameleon

Tom Holland revealed that before No Way Home became a Multiverse movie, director Jon Watts wanted to have Kraven as the main villain. So that shelved narrative could be brought back for Spider-Man 5 or 6. Yes, we know that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is playing Kraven in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, and we’d see Fred Hechinger will be the Chameleon over there. But the MCU already has Numan Acar as its Chameleon. So, if there could be two Dmitris, there could also be two Kravens. Any of the next 3 Spider-Man movies could bring back Dmitri from Far From Home along with his cousin, Sergei Kravinoff aka Kraven the Hunter!


The Prowler

MCU’s Spider-Man 4 Villains

Homecoming also brought in Donald Glover as Aaron Davis and he teased the existence of Miles Morales. So once Miles shows up in Part 4 or 5, we could have his uncle Aaron turn into the Prowler as well. Then, their tussle could be continued in Miles’ own solo project.

The Sinister Six


The SSU is setting up a Sinister Six with Venom, Morbius, and the Vulture. Maybe they’d be joined by Kraven and some other villains in the future. And finally, Sony could have them make a multiversal jump into the MCU to take on Holland’s Spider-Man. Or, the MCU could come up with its own Sinister Six by bringing back the likes of Mysterio and teaming him up with Scorpion, the Shocker, and maybe some other Spider-Man villains of Earth-199999. I predict the Sinister Six to arrive in Spider-Man 6.


Which other Spidey villains would you guys like to see in MCU’s Spider-Man 4 and beyond? Let us know in the comments.

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