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8 Ways Robert Pattinson Is A Better Batman Than Ben Affleck

With the release of The Batman, earlier this month and Robert Pattinson’s debut as the caped crusader on the big screen, comparisons with Ben Affleck are rife. Some absolutely love Pattinson’s interpretation, while others aren’t sure. Ben Affleck played Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and both of the Justice League movies. He won acclaim and praise from all corners for his performance, but how does his role compare that to Pattinson? We list 8 reasons why Robert Pattinson is a better Batman than Ben Affleck.

1. Has The Better Voice

reasons robert pattinson is the better Batman
The Batman

As far as playing Batman goes, the voice is one of the most essential parts. Batman’s voice is his identity. Getting it right is essential. Pattinson’s Batman achieves to do just that. Affleck’s voice was fine, but it was also his regular voice with the added growling. The fans weren’t very impressed. Pattinson’s voice fits Batman’s character, and he makes it a point to alter his voice for Bruce.

2. Better Detective Skills

reasons robert pattinson is the better Batman
A still from The Batman

As far as movies go, Batman’s detective skills have never been explored or fleshed out. This is sad and also where Pattinson shines. His Batman does have some detective skills that are shown in the movie. Batman in the comics was also the better detective than the one portrayed in the movies, Pattinson’s era hopefully changes that.

3. Superior Moral Code

reasons robert pattinson is the better Batman
Robert Pattinson as Batman

Ben Affleck’s Batman was very violent, even by Batman stands. This created a controversy. He frequently used guns and had no issues with killing his enemies. His Batman showed no empathy and was quite unidimensional and lacking in the moral side of things. Pattinson’s Batman, however, was much less violent and not as trigger-happy. His was a much more introspective Batman who was troubled by the role vengeance had played in the destruction of his city.

4. Batsuit

reasons robert pattinson is the better Batman

Ben Affleck’s Batsuit was much simpler, although it was more true to the comic books. Pattinson’s suit was at a totally another level, especially in terms of gadgets and style. It had an impressive array of gadgets, including, hidden grapple guns, contact lenses that could record and click pictures, and a Bat symbol that doubled as a knife. The Batsuit is a point of great fascination for fans, and Pattinson’s suit outclassed Affleck’s.

5. Diverse Actor, Layered Interpretation

reasons robert pattinson is the better Batman
Robert Pattinson

Sure, Affleck himself is a great actor, but, he was already established when he played the role of Batman and so had nothing to prove for himself. Pattinson on the other hand is relatively new and has a lot of proving to do. He has had a great spell recently and also holds the potential to amaze fans with his fresh take on the Superhero.

6. Long Term Potential

reasons robert pattinson is the better Batman
Robert Pattinson as Batman

With age on his side, Pattinson has the potential to play Batman for the foreseeable future. If the DCEU goes for ambitious projects, we can expect to see a long-term comment by Pattinson for the Character. His interaction with other comic book superheroes and sequels to the Batman may allow him to cement his legacy as the greatest Batman to grace the big screen.

7. A Fresh Start

Affleck played Batman straight in the DCEU and did not have a solo movie, to begin with. This may be a handicap, as he did not have the opportunity to lay firm foundations for his role in a solo movie before being thrust into an extended universe franchise. Pattinson on the other hand has been quite fortunate in this regard and has had played in a solo movie first. This gives him a better shot at fleshing out his character and improving his game in future movies.

8. The Most INTENSE

reasons robert pattinson is the better Batman

The intensity in the role of Batman is important. Although Affleck’s Batman came close, Pattinson’s was the Most Intense. His voice, his persona, and mannerisms made for an amazing portrayal of Batman. As the fans imagine Batman to be. This factor, more than the others mentioned in the list, plays the biggest role in elevating Pattinson’s Batman above and beyond Affleck’s.

Written by Angad Singh

Angad is the Exclusive Editorials Head at FandomWire. Besides editing and writing duties, he procures material and manages the direction of our site's exclusive editorials. A lawyer by degree and a writer at heart, he prefers sleep over everything.