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 9 Books Which Deserve A Movie Or TV Adaptation

Books are one of the best gifts to humankind. Getting lost in somebody else’s imagination gives a different kind of bliss and takes us on an unforgettable journey every time. While reading a “blockbuster” kind of a book, we always imagine how the characters would appear on-screen. And thus, seeing such books adapted successfully in a movie or a TV show is a treat in itself. So we bring 9 books which deserve a movie or TV adaptation.

1. The Silent Patient: The psychological thriller, written brilliantly by Alex Michaelides, is a book you cannot put down until you finish. The story is so gripping that it has you with it from the beginning. I can’t imagine how full of action and thrill movie adaption it can be.

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2. Amy Cole Has Lost Her Mind: The book takes you along with the women adapting to the harsh reality of having a miscarriage. The development of the story is clever and definitely deserves a movie or TV adaption.

Amy Cole has lost her mind: 1 (The Amy Cole Series): McGivern, Elizabeth: Books

3. Necroscope: The book, written by Brian Lumley, is about a vampire using the help of a microscope to gain freedom. But the story takes a turn when the necroscope’s plan is revealed.

Necroscope (novel) - Wikipedia

4. The Institute: The book is about a little boy being taken to an institute, where he finds more kids, like him, with supernatural powers. The story has all the material to become a hit already. 

The Institute by Stephen King 9 books which deserve a movie or TV adaptation

5. This Is Where It Ends: The book is written by Marieke Nijkamp, and it stays with the reader after they finish it. However, it is written in a different way and gives the narrative of a tragic incident in four different ways, in the eyes of four other people. It would be interesting to see the direction of the story in a movie adaptation. It could become as gripping as the book itself is.

This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp 9 books which deserve a movie or TV adaptation

6. Ruby Redfort series: The series is an accurate depiction of teen spy drama. The series has the potential of turning into a teen drama about a secret special agent, Ruby Redfort, and how she manages to do her top-secret detective work.

9 books which deserve a movie or TV adaptation

7. Go Set A Watchman: The novel written by Harper Lee can have many interpretations. Some believe that it is a sequel, while some think the writer set it earlier than How To Kill A Mockingbird. It would be intriguing to see other artists’ imaginations filling colors into this one.

9 books which deserve a movie or TV adaptation

8. The 7 ½ Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle: The story revolves around the murder investigation of Evelyn Hardcastle. A TV series adaptation of this book can be really successful. Sophie Hannah has packed it with suspense, and you will only be guessing until the very last episode.

The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton 9 books which deserve a movie or TV adaptation

9. A Time For Mercy. Grisham has filled the novel with suspense and, of course, has the lawyer who can do anything to defend the truth and save the victim. Directors, if orchestrate the courtroom drama well into a movie, the audiences would be on the edges of their seats.

9 books which deserve a movie or TV adaptation

What do you think of these 9 books and do you also think they deserve a movie or TV adaptation? Can you think of more? Let us know!

Written by FandomWire Staff