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9 Hela Fan Theories That Make A Lot Of Sense

Fan theories are an integral part of a franchise and also a means of success. It indicates that the topic has reached its audience, and the fans have started speculating theories about it. And the superheroes and the good guys and the bad guys are equally talked about. These Hela fan theories are the best example. Odin and Hela were the toughest together, and their conquest of nine realms is infamous. Although Hela’s greed for power grew more than Odin could fathom and hence, he had to lock her away. Here are 9 Hela fan theories that will drive you crazy. 

1. Odin learned about Infinity Stones from his father, Bor, and Hela knew all about Infinity Stones, and she believed in their quest. But when Odin realized about Soul stone and that he will have to sacrifice Hela. He couldn’t do it, and that’s when his heart and goals changed.

Was Hela present with Odin during the war with Laufey in Jotunheim? - Quora

2. This fan theory says that Hela was probably not Frigga’s daughter, which is why she looks nothing like her. Instead, she was some other woman’s (Lady of Death, perhaps) daughter from Odin’s one of the campaigns. 

Frigga explains her love for Loki in Dark World deleted scene

3. Asgard is like the “cosmic gauntlet” and can harness all the similar energies that of the stones. Hela has Power stone-like abilities and also like that of the Reality stone.

Introduction - Thor and Asgard

4. If Hela knew all about the Infinity Stones and their powers, why didn’t she go looking for them? She probably never needed them, and it didn’t bother her if she had them or not. She enjoyed the battles and conquering. Snaps are not her thing.

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5. Loki and Hela look alike because of Odin and his love for his firstborn. Locking her away for her increasing appetite for power was saddening too for him. Hence Odin changed Loki’s form and made him look more like Hela.

Thor: Loki Vs. Hela Hela fan theories

6. Hela is most likely alive. Thor and the rest of the Asgardians defeated her, but she draws power from Asgard and “Asgard is not a place”. So she may not be that strong, but not dead, either.

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7. Thor had his share of hardships and trials, which only proved that he is the rightful heir to the throne. Similarly, Odin also designed Mjolnir and Hela to be Thor’s last trials to prepare him.

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8. Mjolnir’s power and indestructibility were the results of not only the efforts of dwarves from Nidavellir but also Odin’s enchantments. So when Odin died, his enchantments no longer worked, and thus, Mjolnir was destroyed (by Hela).

Hela Destroys Mjolnir Scene Hela fan theories

9. Hela was the result of Odin’s abusive nature. So this theory suggests that Odin could have been an abusive father, punishing his kids to extremes for minor arguments. So he possibly locked her away, not because he had no option, but because it satisfied his “king” ego.

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