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9 Iconic & Terrifying 80s Horror Movies You Need To Rewatch

The 80s was a remarkable era for the horror genre. It was the most explored and experimented genre in the decade, and we were blessed with some of the most iconic horror movies. Thanks to the directors who paved the way for the genre, like John Carpenter, Steven Spielberg, Tom Holland, to name a few. They really turned the genres’ way into the world of cinema. That said, it was an equally terrifying era. From gore, frivolous murderers, and monsters to thrilling ones, we have it all. They were a huge reason to start up the discussions about various aspects of the terrors in society. Let us look at the 9 most iconic & terrifying 80s horror movies.

1. Hellraiser: Starting the list of 9 iconic & terrifying 80s horror movies with one of the most gruesome films of the era. Clive Barker directed the film, and some critics call the movie “sadistically smart.” The movie starts with a box, which sets the creepy creatures free. These Cenobites eat up Frank and what happens later is visually terrifying to watch.

Hellraiser 9 Iconic & Terrifying 80s Horror Movies You Need To Rewatch

2. Poltergeist: While watching a horror movie, do you fear the ghost or other weird creatures will enter your house via the television set? Then this movie will give you a glimpse. The movie was absolutely a terrifying trip, with the ghost casting shadows and entering through televisions.

Poltergeist 9 Iconic & Terrifying 80s Horror Movies You Need To Rewatch

3. Gremlins: This movie, which is actually 40 years old, is now a cult classic in the genre. Joe Dante directed the film, and he turned cute-looking dolls into creepy little creatures. And these dolls go about terrorizing the town on Christmas Day. Imagine the kind of impact it must have left.

Gremlins 9 Iconic & Terrifying 80s Horror Movies You Need To Rewatch

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street: Wes Craven directed the film, one of the most brilliant directors of the genre. The movie was so successful that it later became a franchise. The movie was absolutely terrifying and played on a similarly frightening concept: making nightmares come true. Freddy Krueger totally nailed it as the villain, adding a new depth to the horror film.

9 Iconic & Terrifying 80s Horror Movies You Need To Rewatch Nightmare on the Elm Street
Nightmare On The Elm Street

5. The Shining: The movie was a book adaptation written by Stephen King. Stanley Kubrick brought the pages to life and made this into one of the gruesome films of the era. Even though fans did not love the movie very much, the reason was apparent. The movie was packed with thrilling performances such as Jack Nicholson’s.

The Shining 9 Iconic & Terrifying 80s Horror Movies You Need To Rewatch
The Shining

6. Friday The 13th: The slasher film soon became a cult classic, resulting in the release of 11 sequels to the film. Although the movie was not critically acclaimed, it remained to be famous among the fans of the genre and kept creating terrors.

Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th

7. Child’s Play: The movie became so famous that it recently also had a reboot. The movie franchise brought many villains to the big screen, but no one was quite scary like Chucky.

Child's Play
Child’s Play

8. Videodrome: The movie gives genuine chills. The CEO of a television station comes across a signal that shows its characters being brutally tortured. He tries to find its sources, and while he uncovers, he loses the sense of reality. 


9. Evil Dead: The movie had a spectacular direction and a horrifying plot. Sam Raimi directed this flick. The film was so successful that we later saw the movie’s sequels and some video games.

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Evil Dead


Written by FandomWire Staff