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9 Marvel And DC Comics Team-Ups That Will Make Fans Go Crazy

Team ups of Marvel and DC characters

Comic Book fans have waited for a long time to have this fantastic Crossover between two of the most prominent comic book companies, namely Marvel and DC comics.

What fun would it be to have these legendary crossovers between our favorite superheroes and villains?

As 2020 hasn’t been that good for all of us, and especially with the Covid-19 around, it was a tough time for us all, as we were quarantined in our homes for safety purposes.

So the fans of Marvel and DC called for a crossover between the two comics to boost the morale of fans along with entertaining them during this hour of the pandemic.

But eventually, it seems like it isn’t possible for both the companies to do a crossover anyhow. But that doesn’t stop fans from daydreaming about various match-ups between superheroes of both the universes.

Both these companies have various characters that share the same traits among each other, it would be really cool to pair like with like, but sometimes one should even think out of the box. So without any hesitation.

Let us go deep into the list compiled by FandomWire of 10 Marvel and DC comics team-ups to make fans go crazy.

1. Static And Spider-Man:

A team-up between Static & Spider-Man would be bang to see due to the priceless cross-talk will be there among the two. 

A partnership between the two would make a lot of sense as static was based on Spider-Man’s persona, created by Derek T. Dingle. Virgil Hawkins.

 In their team-up, Spidey will have so much fun grooving off static’s powers that even the big baddie might just get bored and feel left out.

2. Jane Foster Thor & Wonder Woman:

This Crossover will be fun due to a lot of reasons. One of them being that Diana and Jane Foster would love to kick some firm butts of evil people. They both have super strength and the powers of the gods at their disposal. 

But some usual delightful grounds may not be evident. Jane Foster was a human before she became Lady Thor. 

If we talk about Wonder Woman, she was born a princess and then became a demigod. 

Though both are on a different path with heroism, they both fight for what’s right for innocent people.

3. Lex Luthor & House Of X Professor Xavier:

Lex Luthor and Professor X have a lot in common. They both are self-obsessed, narrow-minded, and impenitent. 

This has mainly been prolonged since their goals coincide with each other after the House of X saga. 

Before this event, Charles was a humble man who only thought about his fellow mutants’ safety. 

But, with the events of House of X saga, Xavier now was running a whole nation, which is a part of an organization, same as the vision that Lex had, who had been the CEO as well as the President of the United States and the man walking on the line between superheroes and villains.

4. Darkseid & Apocalypse:

Many fans have often imagined an ally between Thanos and Darkside because they both have many similarities. That will be cool if we can see them on the big screen. 

But there has been a new image that might gaze a lot of fans. Imagine what would happen if the first mutant and the new God have a team-up together. 

Apocalypse seeks only one motto that he should rule a world where only the fittest can survive.

 If we talk about Darkside, he wants to rule the world with the Anti-Life Equation. But between these two, there exists a venture for ultimate power. They both will be anxious but the right partners.

5. Superman & Captain Marvel:

Imagine what would happen if Superman and Captain Marvel have to team-up one day. They both would honestly make an epic cosmic team. 

Imagine them punching through giant ships, melting down big robots, and flying through the limits of their powers. 

Both of these characters represent the high point of fire-power in their own universes; they also represent healthy ideas. 

Both Captain Marvel and Superman stand for fair play in the entire galaxy and have an underlying sense of what is right and what isn’t.

6. Iron Man & Hardware:

Armor Suits are just so awesome. Iron man has got enough suits for both the universes, but if we talk about Hardware, it has a single, yet unique set of armor that is still on Mark I. 

Though Curtis Metcalf, our hero, is trying very hard and is repeatedly improving his armor, it remains the same as the one he started with. 

The reason for that is Hardware’s suite is made up of alien technology of Dakotaverse and also because Metcalf is as genius as Tony. 

Against the enemy, both these heroes will make a dynamic team.

7. Mister Miracle & Incredible Hulk:

Some of the superheroes can be both very alike and very different at times. Both Mister Miracle and Incredible Hulk are very different from each other. 

Mister Miracle can quickly get out of anything. The Hulk can get into anything with just his powerful punch. 

But both Bruce Banner and Scott Free have problems containing their inner demons. 

As revealed in the Mister Miracle series, Scott had a very dark and complicated past, and even the Hulk had to struggle a lot to reunite with his alter ego. 

Together these heroes would make exciting as well as dynamic partners.

8. Rogue & Poison Ivy:

Both these women have problematic issues with them. But despite that, they both can learn plenty of things from each other. 

We know that Poison Ivy was people to just leave her or are even killed by her that totally depends on her mood, and if we talk about Rouge, she can’t touch anyone. 

Having his problem, Rouge has faced a lack of attachment several times, which has given her several heartaches, but Poison Ivy, on the other hand, has been connected to the entire world in ways that are unknown to Rogue. 

9. Batman & Wolverine:

Fans of both the Comic Books want this to happen. Though in the 90’s they somewhat got a Batman and Wolverine team-up, it wasn’t what fans actually had imagined. 

The Amalgam Comics crossover literally combined Logan and Bruce Wayne to make a new character known as Dark Claw. But eventually, this character was excessively complicated and overly dusty. 

But what fans want from these two characters still remains abandoned. Both Batman and Wolverine are very best at what they do, and both are classic individuals.




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