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9 Most Evil Marvel Heroes

9 Most Evil Marvel Heroes new

There is a long list of Marvel Heroes, and we are familiar with most of them. They have become our role models, and we idealize them. But yet, not all are as heroic. In fact, they are more evil than they are good. But at the end of the day, they save the world and hence are deemed as heroes. So let’s take a look at these most evil Marvel heroes.

1. Sentry- He is Marvel’s Superman and has a specific type of foible that gives him his evil side- the Void. After he broke into the lab, where he found the serum, he was then mostly on the darker side.

sentry marvel -Most Evil Marvel Heroes

2. Reed Richards- One of the Fantastic Four Team members, the character has a pliable body and is super smart. After seeing Magneto go on a killing spree, he fakes his death and goes into the future. He returns, calling himself Maker, and becomes a supervillain.

Most Evil Marvel Heroes Reed Richards
Reed Richards

3. Magneto- Magneto’s changing mind is no secret to all. Till now, we have seen constantly switching sides, yet, one thing never did- his thirst for power. He wants to be supreme and rule on the humans’ race.

Magneto Most Evil Marvel Heroes

4. Nick Fury- Nick Fury started a good cause and assembled all the heroes for us, but one thing you probably missed about him was he never had a moral code. If there was something he wanted, he always made sure that he got it either way.

Nick Fury Most Evil Marvel Heroes
Nick Fury

5. Hank Pym- He was always a terrible person. His personal issues mostly always get in the way, and he ends up doing some really horrible stuff like creating Ultron and then helping the Avengers beat him to look like the good guy.

Most Evil Marvel Heroes Hank Pym
Hank Pym

6. Hulk- Hulk and his anger issues are infamous, and we have seen the kind of havoc he can create. Because he is always never in control of his mind, he can be a trouble to even his closest friends if he is mad. In the comic books, he was mostly depicted as a monster.


7. Iron Man- His huge ego and narcissistic nature has compelled him not to see things as they were. Instead, if he thought they were, before verifying, he was already against it. That being the reason, he has betrayed his friends a lot. However, he got away with all the trouble he caused because of his wealth.

Iron Man
Iron Man

8. Deadpool- We all know that he is an anti-hero. However, that doesn’t justify his methods and actions. He sure teamed up with the heroes, but he is still a mass murderer. Even though they are for the right reasons, the methods sure scream EVIL.


9. The Punisher- He is one of the deadliest mass murderers. He also has good reasons for his violent actions to finish crime, but he is always on a killing spree until then. 

The Punisher
The Punisher

These were some of the evil Marvel heroes. Some had good reasons for their actions; some simply were supremacists. But, whatever the reason, their evil side did come to the big picture.


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