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9 TV Actors You Never Knew Hated Their TV Show Finales

9 TV Actors You Never Knew Hated Their TV Show Finales

TV Show finales are memorable. But, the hardest thing to do is to end the series ideally. Something dramatic needs to happen to a beloved character, or some drastic change needs to take place. It also needs to make sense and be supported by the storyline. Finally, it needs to make sense to the fans and the actors to make it satisfying. Sometimes, fans and actors alike hate their TV show finales.

1. Little House On The Prairie series concluded with “Hello and Goodbye”; the Last Farewell had an apocalyptic end. The townsfolk decide to destroy their town. The basic set is blown up when we see it on the screen. Melissa Gilbert was 10 when she started playing Laura. She said it was upsetting to see the destruction of the place where she grew up in the TV show’s finale.

9 TV Actors You Never Knew Hated Their TV Show Finales

 2. St. Elsewhere had one of the most surprising TV Show finales. In the last few minutes of the final episode, the viewers discover that the entire series was a figment of imagination. So, there was no St Elsewhere. It was all being imagined by Tommy ( son of Dr. Donald) while he stared at a snow globe. Donald (Dr. Donald on the show) is a construction worker.

St. Elsewhere

3. Jason Momoa was very unhappy with the ending of Game of Thrones and was cussing up a storm in the live stream. Jason Momoa’s character dies earlier in the series. So he wasn’t a part of the finale but aired his reaction to the show live. He was very angry with how the show ended 

Nobody hated the 'Game of Thrones' finale more than Jason Momoa

4. Jerry Seinfield hated the TV show’s finale, which showed Jerry and Company witness a carjacking and videotapes it for fun. Nineteen years after the conclusion, Jerry Seinfield (Via Vulture) said that he regretted giving in to pressure and trying to do one big last show. He said that big is always wrong in comedy.

9 TV Actors You Never Knew Hated Their TV Show Finales

5. Michael Hall was unsatisfied with the Dexter finale. It is considered one of the worst TV Shows Finale ever. It showed Dexter euthanizing his brain-dead sister and dumping her body in the ocean. Hall said he felt sad and disappointed at the way the show ended.

9 TV Actors You Never Knew Hated Their TV Show Finales

6. Scott Bakula abhorred The Star Trek: Enterprise, more than he admits. The story unfolds over 200 years. The cast plays a supporting role in the Next Generation timeline. Bakula was always careful about his response in public, but insiders say he was furious with how the TV show’s finale had ended.

Star Trek: Enterprise

7. The Finale of Soprano didn’t make James Gandolfini happy. The last scene of the series was confusing and frustrating to fans and actors alike. Gandolfini, the Sopranos lead, said that he couldn’t relate to the ending when he saw it the first time and was angry.

9 TV Actors You Never Knew Hated Their TV Show Finales

8. Gillian Anderson accepted the critics’ view about the ending of the TV show finale of X-Files. She said that she was finally done with Dana Scully. Nothing in the last episode made sense. Dana’s son dies, and she is emotionless. Then it seems she is pregnant again. 

 The X-Files

9. Two actors of the Gossip Girl feel that the TV Show’s finale didn’t make sense. Most of the fans thought that Dan didn’t fit into the role of the mysterious blogger. Eric was the first choice for the mysterious blogger. Then Nate was an alternate. Finally, it came up to Dan, which left the fans and actors unhappy and dissatisfied. 

Gossip Girl


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