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6 TV Fan Casts That Actually Happened (& 3 That Still Need To)

As a huge TV series fan, we will definitely have our dream fan casts of our favorite stars. It is one of the most satisfying experiences of witnessing our favorite stars in amazing roles. Sometimes, they actually come true. Here are six dream fan casts that happened.

1. Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister in Game Of Thrones – Dinklage as Lannister is one of the most accurate fan castings as he played the Dwarf character with ease. He made the audience feel like only Dinklage was the perfect man for the role.

2. Jensen Ackles as Green Lantern in Arrow – Fans have already made it clear that if the DC universe ever introduces Green Lantern, the only actor who could play it is none other than Jensen Ackles. This could actually happen because Arrowverse loves to cast former DC and CW actors.

3. Peter Capaldi as The Doctor in Doctor Who – Capaldi is an intense actor that made him a perfect fit for the Doctor’s role. When there was a lot of speculation about who should play the Doctor’s role, Peter’s name used to appear frequently.

4. Tom Welling as Superman in Arrow – Everyone remembered how the show got ended on a high note. Tom Welling looks dashing in the Superman suit. But, he appeared for just 10 seconds. We want more! It would be stunning to see him as Superman.

5. Idina Menzel as Shelby Corcoran in Glee – Glee fans were excited to know who’s Rachel’s mother and it turned out to be wicked actress Idina Menzel. Fans became super-happy with the choice. It was a memorable role and one of her finest performances.

6. Robert Knepper as The Joker in Arrow – Knepper would be the best choice for The Harlequinn Of Hate as he has the craft to portray different shades with the most dangerous villain. This would become true because Arrowverse makers have casted many actors from The Prison Break TV series.

7. Tara Strong as Harley Quinn in Arrow – Tara has made a small yet impactful cameo in the Arrow series. Harley Quinn was introduced long back in Batman: The Animated TV Series (1992), where Tara Strong voiced the role. She deserves more, but Margot Robbie replaced her.

8) Rami Malek as Moon Knight in Moon Knight – Marvel fans have voted for The Little Things actor Rami Malek. Moon Knight is a robust character that requires a versatile actor. Malek could be best choice for the role because of his versatility.

9) Sean Bean as Ned Stark in Game Of Thrones – When the show was announced, there were many opinions on who will be playing Eddard Stark’s role in the series. The most popular suggestion was definitely the Sharpe actor Sean Bean. HBO would have seen these and casted him in their high-budget fantasy TV series.