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Bring Back The 90s Highest Grossing Movies Of Each Year, Ranked By IMDB

The ’90s was filled with some blockbuster movies. From sci-fi to emotional, romantic drama movies, the ’90s was a decade full of successful films. Below are some blockbusters, which were also the ’90s highest-grossing movies ranked by IMDB.

1. Star Wars: Episode 1 ‘The Phantom Menace’ – 1999 (6.5) Fans waited so long for this movie, but the dull plot disappointed many. Though the movie had some incredible action sequences which helped the film to cross $924.3 million, still some people argued that it might be the worst entry in Star Wars.

2. 1998 – Armageddon (6.7): Armageddon was a story of core drillers who destroyed an asteroid heading towards Earth. The movie had a tremendous impact on the audience, which helped the film cross $556.7 million. From emotional elements to big stars and a fantastic soundtrack, Armageddon had it all.

3. 1996 – Independence Day (7.0) Independence Day was a total hit and had jaw-dropping special effects, relatable characters, and an alien invasion plot. The movie even won an Oscar for its mind-blowing visual effects.

4. 1990 – Ghost (7.1): The ’90s was also famous for its romantic movies, and Ghost is one of them. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore’s love story brought $505.7 million. The film was nominated for Best-Picture.

5. 1995 – Die Hard With A Vengeance (7.6) The movie starred John McClane (Bruce Willis), working with a partner (Samuel L. Jackson) to stop bomb threats. Movie reviews were both good and bad.

6. 1997 – Titanic (7.8): Titanic is one of the ’90s highest-grossing movies. With a fantastic soundtrack, outstanding performances by lead actors, and the epic Titanic moment, which won everyone’s hearts. Thus, the movie broke all records with $1.843 billion.

7. 1992 – Aladdin (8.0) Aladdin won the box office with $504 million and had so many attractive musical numbers. With mind-blowing animation and remarkable voice performance from Robin Williams.

8. 1993 – Jurassic Park (8.1): This movie has some legendary scenes, like the T-rex scene. The storyline of the film made it a blockbuster. The story follows a group of dinosaurs getting loose at a theme park, and the story is honestly so thrilling. Also, the special effects were way too good.

9. 1994 – The Lion King (8.5) The movie’s storyline is so timeless that even after several remakes and re-releases, every remake was a success. It features emotional scenes and the audience still can’t get over it.

10. 1991 – Terminator 2: Judgment Day (8.5): With an IMDB rating of 8.5, Terminator 2 is filled with some tremendous action sequences and effects. The movie follows Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) returning to battle with a more developed Terminator with help from her son and her enemy (Arnold Schwarzenegger) from the first part.

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Written by FandomWire Staff