Netflix’s One Piece: Live Action Character Description’s Revealed

We are, we are on the cruise! We are! As Netflix is looking to expand its ever growing library of content, the streaming service continues to develop their planned live action One Piece series. Both the manga and anime have continued to delight fans around the world for nearly 24 years. The franchise’s creator Eiichiro Oda will be involved with the Netflix adaptation as well as being a producer.


Netflix has tapped Lucifer creator Matt Owens and Steven Maeda as the showrunners. Production is set to begin sometime later this year in South Africa. As we wait for further updates on who will be playing the jolly crew of the Straw Hat Pirates in live action, The Illuminerdi  exclusively revealed character descriptions of each member along with one interesting casting choice.

Devil fruit eater of the Gum-Gum fruit and captain on the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy dreams of finding the legendary treasure, the One Piece, as well as becoming the future King of the Pirates. However, in the Netflix version the show describes him as:

A 17-year-old Brazilian man. The lead protagonist, he has big dreams, an eagerness for adventure, and a desire for whatever treasures he can get his hands on. Luffy is driven by his youthful enthusiasm and uninhibited optimism, combined with his raw desire for success, Luffy is fated to be a leader despite being unproven.

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Three sword style user and first mate to the Straw Hats, Roronoa Zoro dreams of becoming the world’s greatest swordsman. Netflix describes him as:

An 18-year-old Asian man. A gifted fighter wandering through life and in need of encouragement and direction. Zoro gets through life doing whatever passionless or questionable work is available no matter how distasteful, as long as it puts money in his pockets. His main interests are his weapons and a stiff drink with no interest in small talk. However, with his crew behind him and trials ahead Zoro will find the urge to prove himself the greatest of all.

The Illuminerdi has stated that the studio is interested in casting Power Rangers and Mortal Kombat actor, Ludi Lin, for the role.

The Great Swordsman Appears! Pirate Hunter, Roronoa Zoro (1999)

Expert thief and navigator of the Straw Hats, Nami dreams of charting a map from the Grand Line, the New World, and all the world’s oceans. The live action show depicts her as such:

Listed as 19 years old and open to any ethnicity. Described as a lone wolf who likes it that way. She moves quicker on her own and never lets anyone get too close. Normally the smartest in the room she doesn’t take direction well and would rather create her own path. Driven by her own desire for exploration Nami will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. Nami is sardonic and sarcastic using her tough exterior to hide the pain in her past. Nami keeps her cards close to the vest, but a secret being revealed threatens to destroy everything she’s worked for. 

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Tall tale liar and ship’s sniper, Usopp dreams of becoming a brave warrior of the seas. A little different from the source material, the show describes the cowardly, long nosed Straw Hat pirate:

As a 17-year-old Black man. Usopp is an inventive storyteller and hopeless romantic. Although his mouth tends to get him into trouble his tales of adventure hide his cowardice. Usopp is an innovative problem solver and has a technical mind that helps him escape numerous sticky situations.

Usopp 1999 photos | IMAGO

Finally the Straw Hat chef who keeps his kitchen oh so clean and his thoughts oh so dirty, Sanji dreams of one day finding the legendary All Blue. In the series, Sanji is said to be:

Listed as 19 years old and open to any ethnicity. Described as flawlessly dressed and charmingly flirtatious Sanji believes that how one presents themselves to the world differentiates the average from the exceptional. Nothing is too rich for Sanji as long as one finds pleasure from it. He does not take criticism lightly. Sanji is always learning and evolving, but he is in need of a push to find the next adventure that can bring new experiences and inspirations into his life.  

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As the anime continues to reach it’s 1,000th episode, Netflix currently has the East Blue saga and the Alabasta saga, both subbed and dubbed, available to stream. No telling if they’ll continue to bring more episodes onto the service but let’s hope the studio doesn’t mess up this iconic anime property when the live action series premieres.

Which actors are you hoping to see as the Straw Hats Pirates? Let us know in the comments below!

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