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A Dutch Artist Isa Bredt Disneyfies 20 Adorable Pets

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“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” – Walt Disney.

To be very honest with you guys before researching for this article and writing it down, I had no idea that there was such a term as Disneyfication’.

But seemingly, there is a word such as Disneyfication that the sociologists have been using since 1959 to describe the business transformation of society.
That resembles the Walt Disney Resorts and Parks, which are based on the rapid Western-style known as integration, consumerist lifestyle.

But however, a Dutch caricaturist who goes by the name of Isa Bredt gave it a whole new meaning.
According to Bredt, Disneyficationon really means a mode of transport, i.e., a person who gets animals into the animation world.

Through her project Pet Disneyfication, this 22-year-old artist transforms different people’s pet photos into cartoons a-la Disney style, and they are spot on.
The specialty of this artist is that all the facial features, expressions, and everything of these adorable creatures looks like they are going to be the stars of the next Walt Disney Movies!

Before going further in the article and gazing through ourselves as to how endearing these pets look once they are disneyfied, let’s take a little bit of info as to who Isa Bredt is and how she got this fantastic idea.

According to the sources Isa Bredt is a 22-year-old cartoonist based in Tilburg in the Netherlands, are the women behind this brilliant concept of “Pet Disneyfication” after she participated in a project? On Reddit, where she offered free art to people to sharpen her craft skills.

So How did this idea evoked her?

Well, as a super-fan of Disney’s classic films staring animals with a particular capability of drawing pets. Bredt found this project to perfectly fit her talents and interests.

As word got out and commissions began to pile up, Isa was able to turn her skills into a business.
Thus the Disneyfication of Pets began.

Sounds interesting…

Let’s hop directly into the list created by FandomWire to see through ourselves pics of 20 pets Disneyfied by Isa Bredt.

1. Cute Cat With A Single Ear:


2. Cute Dogoo:


3. Mr. Puffy Smiths!!


4. Endearing Kitten And Piglet Sleeping Together:


5. Stuart Little:


6. BLAH!!!


7. Baby Tortoise On Wheels:


8. Those Sharp Fangs:


9. That Furious Look Though:


10. Blemish but Adorable Face Dog:


11. Sleepy Joe:


12. Catto And Cute Baby Hedgehog Enjoying By the Shore:


13. Beautiful Tortoiseshell Cat:


14. Tough Guy Huh!


15. Cute Baby Labra And Dalmatian:


16. Two Legged Mr.Charming:


17. You Missed The Catch Jack:


18. Let’s Sniff Some Flowers:


19. Future Simba….


20. Woof! I Love Opening Gifts:


Since childhood, Bredt has been in love with drawing and thus opted for it as a career at the end of her high school. 

She began studying illustration and animation, but eventually left her program during the midterm of her third year and went on to pursue pet portrait work. 

Thus “Pet Disneyfications became both her job as well as her passion. 

Thus Bredt uses her art not only for earning money but also for doing good for some animals. 

As she does some of her Disneyfying for adoptable pets also in various shelters on particular days like the “Shelter Sunday,” “Take Me Home Tuesday,” and “Foster Friday.” 

Making an effort to characteristic these hard-to-adopt animals by bringing out their delightful traits with a little bit of Disney magic. 

To see more of Isa’s work, follow her on Instagram, or support her work on Patreon.


Source: Rokas Laurinavičius And Mantas Kačerauskas

Written by FandomWire Staff

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